Friday, August 29, 2014

I am a winner!


Payment Notification Of Your Pending Funds.

I wish to notify you that your Winning / Inheritance Payment of $10.5
Million United States Dollars, Has been Approved and will be released
to you as soon as you respond to this letter, Also be inform that the
Federal Government of Nigeria have decided to wire your Payment
through our Oil Reserve Consolidated Account, You are ask to reply to
this Office with the reconfirmation of your information as below:

Your Name in full:
Your Telephone and fax number:
Your Age and Occupation:
Your Count Address: (1, 2, ha ha ha!)

Furthermore, as soon as I hear from you with the reconfirmation of
your information I will use it to obtain the Fund Approval Certificate
that will back up your fund to your Account, You are ask to stop any
Communication with any Office or person until you receive your fund.

Thanks and have a nice day, Extend my greetings to your family, I am
waiting to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Francis Johnson

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A visit and a memory

Stopped by the library to pick up my reserve of the new Murakami book, one chapter in and all is well. While there, one of the clerks, who worked with my on Sundays at the Hilltop, asked my if I missed public service.

After I laughed for about five minutes I said no. I do miss seeing the new, more popular work instead of the more academic materials I do process these days but there is no way I would trade anything now. The last few years there were rough. I was profoundly unhappy and should not have been dealing with the public in any way. My leaving was good for everyone.

Ten years ago, this happened. Here's a Live Journal entry about a typical day in the life of the Hilltop. Yes, it's more than a bit cynical and a bit hateful. Such was my life in 2004.

"Had a train wreck of a customer. She had us print up a list of the books she had checked out. Then proceeded to say that she returned about half of them last night. I looked on the shelves for one of them, it wasn't there.

She then went out into her car, a few minutes later came back with a huge tub full of books - including the one she claimed to have returned in the book drop overnight.

I overheard her talking to my supervisor. She said she clearly remembered returning one book in particular. That the book was so big that she hurt her hand on the book drop door. My supervisor looked the book up and said, "This book is a small paperback that cost $2.99."

If there was any liquid in my mouth, there would have been a spit take.

God, that was funny.

After she did her business, she asked if she could leave the tub on the check-in counter. For some reason, we did. A few minutes later an elderly customer dropped her copy of the latest Evanovich right in the tub.

I've never seen my supervisor laugh so hard.

We moved the tub off the counter after that. About an hour later, the train wreck came back, and was looking for her tub. Luckily I told her we'd moved it before her panic would set in."

Monday, August 25, 2014

One day at a time, is all we do

My Stepfather came to town for an all too brief visit over the weekend. He brought a few of my old records with him, and an old case of 45's. Despite the short visit, we had a good time. We bought each other dinner (what, City Barbecue is also in Grove City?!?), took my son swimming in the pool of the hotel he stayed at. He really wanted to see the casino where he lost money while I had a free soda while watching Everton draw Arsenal on a very large screen. He's doing ok, as well as he can about the loss. His legs are not in great shape.

Still not sure when I'm going to be able to get east. Airfare remains permanently ridiculous and driving that distance with my son and his needs is difficult.

My son's sleeping remains very inconsistent. The melotonin is putting him to sleep a bit faster but he is not able to stay asleep through the night. Last night he was in bed at ten, then woke up around 12:30 and did not fall back asleep. I was so wiped out I called off work. I'm still wiped out. Somehow he got through school, but fell asleep about 4:30. We let him sleep about an hour. He was not happy being woken up for dinner.

May that hour of sleep he did get not process into four extra hours he can draw energy from.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You will surprise

I am a positive and loving lady and I am looking for a gallant, intelligent man who is self-confident and firm of purpose.
I'm very charming, responsive, sociable and romantic.
I have good sense of humor.
I'm funny  and compassionate, I have good sense of humor.

I respect people and their personal freedom. I do believe that I would meet a reliable, loving and wise man with whom I share all the moments in my life!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sixth grade: day one

Sixth grade: day one

They do not tell you how many times your heart breaks
as you watch your child grow up
The pain of leaving him in a classroom he does not know
after being in a different school for seven years
The look of fright, a shock in his eyes you cannot erase
for his mind or your own
When you leave your son alone with a group of
peers and strangers for the first time
Knowing he will not tell you about any of it
at the end of the day
That he cut a circle with scissors
or some bigger kid, and they’re all bigger than him now
poured milk down his back
The silence at days end of five years of schooling
five years of rides on the short bus
twelve years of life
is insignificant compared to the swirl of everything
that happens in his head from minute to minute
No one knows what is coming to us
we can's live in fear, put him in a bubble
but we have to hope
dammit, that’s all we have some mornings
when he’s up at 2AM telling the ceiling
the script to an episode of Dora the Explorer
all I can say, with more sleep deprivation
than sense
is vamanos.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Tim Howard Effect

Today marked the official start of the English Premier League season. With MLS in full swing and the World Cup over the anticipation of the new year from abroad was high. My team, Everton, made a very bold and expensive move in signing a genuine permanent striker in Romalu Lukaku, who had been with Chelsea, but who played with Everton last season. Expectation are high for the Toffees, can they break into the lauded top four of the league?

When I walked into Fourth Street Bar and Grill this morning to watch the match with a crowd of people, I had no idea what to expect. There were already fans of Manchester United in barstools as they watched their team lose their match to Swansea. Their fans exited quickly after the final whistle and fans of the other matches began to show up.

There were a few dozen people in the bar at 10AM on a Saturday morning. Truth be known, mostly white men, but we were all trying to be awake, and were quite civil with each other.

In my six years of being a soccer fan, I have never seen a supporter of Sunderland in the flesh. Somehow, there were half a dozen Sunderland fans in Columbus. It was unreal. Also representing were Leicester, Aston Villa, West Ham, and Tottenham (along with the Columbus Crew). Quite a broad number of jerseys that were not the big four of English soccer. People were paying attention to all of the matches, even Hull vs. QPR.

As for the Everton support. At first it was myself and another guy. Which is not surprising. I've only met three people in town who are fans - a guy named Corey and a gal named Rebekah. It's usually Corey who is the only person showing support for Everton in a bar full of people. But then another person showed up, then two more, and another. All told there were eleven people who were there to see Everton, enough to field a team!

So we introduced ourselves, talked about the Ohio Toffees Twitter account, the availability of Kone and Orviedo, the injury to Barkley, which got a horrible update later in the day, and getting older Everton shirts.

The result was not what we wanted, a 2-2 draw with newly promoted Leicester, but we're hopeful for the season. It's only one match, and there are thirty seven more.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cleaned out organ, clean bill of health

The worst part of getting a colonoscopy is the preparation. The items you have to ingest to clear the system, and in a competitive eating time frame, is rather vile. Plus having to ingest the last half of said items six hours before the procedure, which in my case was at three in the morning - is a rather taxing process. You can't eat anything solid either, and chicken bouillon cubes suck.

This, combined with my son waking up at two in the morning and not going back to sleep, made it all a very cranky time. The liquid melotonin works as erratically as my son's sleep patterns.

The people and staff at the OSU Medical Center were all very cool. From the volunteer who walked us to where we needed to be to the doctor who did the procedure, all professional.

I remember nothing about the procedure. I was on some seriously good drugs, if it was propofol, damn, I get why someone could get addicted to that. In the room I saw the screen, the wire they used wrapped up in sealed bags on the wall. Last thing I remember was them asking to take my glasses off and I said to not lose them. One of the nurses talked about my frames being cool, I told her to not look through them. She said she did not need glasses anymore. I asked if she had lasik surgery and that was it.

Not sure when I woke up in recovery, but my lovely wife was there. I was a bit woozy but do not think I said or did anything overly odd. I did ask several times if everything was alright. The doctor came in, said everything was ok and told me to come back in ten years. The nurse asked if I wanted to go and I said to give me about ten minutes, this is rare for me. I usually want out of a hospital room as soon as possible. She came back, and then I was ready to head out.

By this time I was quite hungry and bought a Hershey bar at the gift shop. Our ride came and we stopped at Rally's on the way home. Yes. Rally's. Did I say how hungry I was?

Got home and napped the rest of the afternoon, then found out about Robin Williams and here we are.