Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breaking out the old technology

Spring as arrived in Central Ohio. The family took an Easter walk in Blacklick Park and hit Graeter's for milkshakes after. I'm ignoring the lawn on this beautiful day so I can sit in the Back Room and play records.

Yesterday was Record Store Day. I did my main shopping at my local on Thursday by getting a new turntable. Easy to set up, it works perfectly. It's an automatic turntable which means I do not have to interrupt my daydreaming or important writing to get up and change records.

Crowds and I do not get along so I did not wait in line on Saturday morning, but waited until later in the day. I then headed back to my local shop. There was one record I really wanted and a couple of 45s I may be interested in. There was still a crowd when I got there so I went to the first milk crate of new records and started looking.

The second record was the exact record I was looking for! Figured I'd call it a day then and there, but I did ask about the 45s. They were sold out.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ten poems, thirty minutes

The Third Annual Writers' Block All Nighter fundraiser is happening until 3PM this afternoon at Kafe Kerouac. I read last night and stayed out much later than usual. It's very rare that I get an opportunity to feature, so I was excited to have the work even if there is very little new poetry in me these days. Still trying to process my Mom's death and dealing with poetic bureaucracy has me not liking nor confident of my own place in the art these days. That will change soon enough though.

Found some older work to spice up the more recent poems, and there was one new one which went over well in the nerd category. For posterity here is the set list.

Divorced, with special needs
Lincoln Tower, the grassy knoll
318 feet from home plate
The Mother and the chapbook
Emaciated compassion
Kabuki condom
All time, none of the time
For British Chris
The wine list of the Overlook Hotel (brand new, uncorked for this reading)

Ended up staying until about 1:30 in the morning, had to stay for Death's set.

Death brought smoke and it was worth losing sleep over.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stuff is happening

We've been away. In New York for a family event. On Sunday there was a dedication of a bench in the park my Mom worked. The day was beautiful and a good number of family turned out. The bench had some special engravings of daffodils and shamrocks that were done by a former co-worker of Mom's.

We all had turns sitting on the bench during a solemn but pleasant day. The bench is located by the hatchery in the park. I was walking around and found that my Mom's picture is used as part of the guided tour.

My wife and I also had time to hit a hidden winery. Loughlin Vineyards is in Sayville and is run by a very friendly 88 year old man named Barney. I did not really talk wine with him, but we talked about World War 2 as there were several old signs and maps in the tasting room. He went on, "The Germans and the Americans all had one thing in common, when they were dying, they all cried for their mothers - Let's try the merlot!"

The wine is quite good, we liked the chardonnay. There was also time to hit the beach. It was quite the shock seeing the damage that remains after Hurricane Sandy.

Used to be a gentle slope that led you to the water, not an eight foot sudden drop. That's the power this storm had.

We got lucky with the weather when we went into Manhattan. It seems the people were all released after a harsh winter. I have been going to the city for years and have never seen the streets so crowded.

Had some very good pizza at Juliana's then took on the bridge. Which led us, after a lengthy walk to McSorley's. Experienced a subway delay before goofing off with a drink in Times Square.

It was a good and necessary visit. If you're going to Long Island I recommend the Hilton Garden Inn in Ronkonkoma, which was a good base to plan from. I was upgraded to a Prius by the effervescent Shannon of Enterprise at the Islip Airport, an interesting car to drive around town in, but not one I would be comfortable in for long trips despite it's exceptional fuel economy.

Lots of other plans and items are coming, thanks to my Mom. Looking into a new heating and cooling unit for the house, and we got the new roof already. I bought a new turntable today so the Back Room is turning into a bit of a man cave and next week I'll be upgrading my old Macbook. The flights were ok. Came home to a piece of siding hanging from the house, thank you wind, so that is being addressed as well.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Poem and pictures, with the boy

My son still swims, and enjoys the water. Took some pictures last Saturday. Thought I'd put an old poem with the pictures and cover a couple of topics this month; National Poetry Month and Autism Awareness Month. A couple of years ago, I did thirty poems about autism for National Poetry Month, to mixed results.

This was one of the better ones.

Swings Inside the White Fence

This little boy I see, at the playground where I take my Grandson
He seems shy
He waits his turn, patiently, to go down the slide
Sometimes he likes to climb it, from the bottom

A lot of kids do that, even my Grandson
I've never seen him speak to anyone, not even his Mother or Father
They watch him close
He walks along the fence that encircles the play area,
but does not leave
My Grandson asked me about him, he tried to talk to the boy -
he walked right past him

This boy, he makes a sound like a motor cycle, or a boat
I'm not sure why he does that
I told my Grandson that he is the captain of a ship
on an ocean that is more important
than the ground he is walking on

Friday, April 4, 2014

One week from vacation

You share things with your children, and they, in turn, share things with you. Took Wednesday off and kept my sick son out of school. He was quite listless, low energy and had a fast running nose. As they day went along, and after a rare late morning nap, he felt better and went to school on Thursday.

That day, I started to falter at work and woke up this morning feeling like a truck landed on my head. So it was my turn to call off work for the second time this week, take a late morning nap and try to recover as the day went on. Not sure it worked enough. The weekend is here though.

Received news today that a body part of mine is not a potential match for a possible transplant. Not sure how to feel about that. No stress or anxiety about the procedure, but totally unable to help, just have to watch from the sidelines and hope for the best now.

Aaaaaar Matey!

Good afternoon!

This is Marina. I want to be acquainted with you in the hope of a great
relationship and conversation. I search my love. I am 28 years old. I want
to have true relations. I am very matey and decent woman. It would be great
if you're going to write me a message. so good to have friends in another
country! I'll look forward to your message.

Take care,


Monday, March 31, 2014

You know who else did that?

To maintain a presence on social media means a near constant solicitation by others known and unknown. If it's not a kickstarter type campaign, there is someone out there needing money, asking you to buy their book, music, like their business page and on and on. For the most part I'm fine with this, it's easy to scroll past, to acknowledge or even donate to the cause on occasion.

It's the guilt trip that irks me. Do not try to make me feel guilty if I do not vote for your pet salamander as the cutest in the midwest. Do not say I am not a real friend even after I notice you did not offer any sympathy after my Mother died, you will not get my vote. And if you threaten to unfriend me if I do not click like, well guess what? It's already been done.

April is National Poetry Month with means that many poets will be attempting a thirty poems in thirty days project. I wish all of them well. I will not be doing that this year. Taking off in the middle of the month will not give me enough time to commit to it daily. Plus, I am not feeling confident. Done it before, along with other projects. Even had an idea in mind for this April, but winter sapped my spark. My idea is still with me though.