Friday, March 9, 2018

The other pitch is not greener

I am not a Columbus Crew supporter.

I am a Columbus Crew fan.

I am not, nor have never been a season ticket holder but I have been to a few matches here and there.

I do watch the matches on television, and had Time Warner Cable when it was the only local way to see them. This season though, unless ownership changes its mind, or changes so the team remains in Columbus, I will not be watching any of the Columbus Crew matches.

I have an old, 2009 edition jersey. I got a t-shirt with the latest logo on it for my son.

I am not invested in the team the way many supporters are. They are followers in a way that determines some of their social lives, good for them.

If the team were to leave Columbus, I would not be happy about it and I understand a lot of lives here would be effected by the move. Yet, my life would go on.

If the team were to leave Columbus, my small interest in Major League Soccer would end. Completely.

I am not a supporter of a sports franchise holding a city hostage to get what it wants.

I am not a supporter of a franchise whose owner is a liar and whose league commissioner is complicit in the moving of the team. This is not about Austin, although they should be warned it can happen to them.

This is about honesty, and the ownership of the Columbus Crew is not honest. Nor is upper management of Major League Soccer.

I’m not a supporter, but a casual fan on the couch, who has watched this team for about ten seasons.

Until now.

Keep the Crew in Columbus.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Coming for you, Trebek

Took the online Jeopardy quiz tonight. I know a few questions were missed but I feel good about it over all. Just because I feel confident does not mean I'll get the call. Watch this space.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Spy stuff with a long subject line.

Sub: Your diplomat John Malvin just arrived John.F.Kennedy international airport New York Usa, contact him now with your full details and also your valid phone number at ( or call +1 (914-205-1044) for the delivery of your cash consignment box to your home.

This letter will definitely be astonishing to you because of its realistic value. Sorry for the inconveniences that was rendered to you in your line of your payment transaction with some impersonators some while ago. I know that this letter will hit you as surprise, but firstly I will like to introduce myself to you, I am Mr Godwin Emefiele the Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria. It was agreed that to retain the good image of Nigeria and the rest of African countries, all the victims who lost his/her hard earn money to these faceless thieves will be compensated. Note that We have received the instructions from the president of Nigeria to commence the immediate release of your fund because we know that you have been expecting to receive it long time ago. So you have 24hrs to Contact John now with your full information, also the name of the closet airport to you via email ( also you can call or send him sms with your details at +1(914-205-1044) and will wait for your call or email for him to enlighten you more on how to receive your fund.

Airports and intrigue. I've seen the Fort Wayne airport mentioned. Truly an international fiasco!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

To distract myself from the violence

I first saw this band during Holler last March. A couple of things impressed my about this Columbus band: they write their own songs, play no covers, and they do not suck.

What I thought was missing was one key song. The arrogant A&R guy in my wondered where the hit was.

They're getting closer, a lot closer.

Good stuff here.

In other music news I bought an Ibanez AS73 on eBay a couple of weeks ago on a very good auction win. Took it in to my guitar teacher and he went nuts over the instrument. He was very impressed.

Had my lesson tonight and the luthiers in the shop told me he bought an Ibanez they brought in this week. Not the model I have, but an upgrade. I went to the practice room, saw it on the stand and asked him if I should get a referral fee from Ibanez.

Then we worked on Downtown. Yes, the Petula Clark song.

Had a blast tonight. Needed it.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

From 10 years ago, not much has changed.

Have not really been talking politics. Probably because other things have been going on and I have not been able to, or wanted to, pay attention. What I want most is positive change, and I have no idea what or who is going to do that. Back in '92 I wanted a change from the 12 years of Reagan/Bush and voted for Clinton. The past 16 years have certainly brought about change. A change in our culture into such an apparent split and void in our thinking and beliefs. There is a great divide out there, greater than the one Studs Terkel uncovered in the 80's. The culture of fear has risen. The questioning of patriotism has risen. Dissent is seen as a terrorist act instead of an act of questioning decisions and the accountability of our leadership. It's gone crazy, and it's infected the core of our society.

The media has abused our language, deliberately, providing programming that does not report, but exposes and celebrates the divide between us. It is not fair, balanced, or intelligent, but appeals to the lowest common denominator - our base emotions and knee jerk reactions to hot button issues and other cliches that I'm spewing out.

Celebrity culture has become the easy story. It's cheap, easy to put a camera on, and does not ask important questions. Why pay someone to dig out a story on city hall when Britney's entourage is speeding by?

So I'm left out here, along with, I suspect, many others, who feel lost, powerless, tired of knowing they are being lied to, and unable to do anything about it because they do not have the savvy, be it political, social and most importantly, financial - to get anything done for themselves. We continue to go to work, and try hard to be satisfied by that, but it's not enough. It's not even close when our infrastructure has fallen apart.

My head remains in the sand, coming out from time to time to notice the stink, and feeling quite unable to provide anything to remove it. Is November going to bring about four more years of the same, a shift into an improvement, or a further decline?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A crowded room is a burning battlefield

No one has captured my recent mood more than Jason Isbell. I first heard this it really hit home. Then he opened his show with it.

It's been rough since the accident. A lot of post trauma. Looking at every corner for the car that I was. I struggle with confidence and break out in rashes.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

From ten years ago

Samuel Beckett's New York City Cabdriver

he looked like someone from a black and white horror movie
but i needed the fare and stopped at that east village corner
he wore a black overcoat and had wild white hair
he did not say much
just the address he wanted to go
i tried to talk to him
about the yankees
the hot dog and yoo-hoo i had for lunch
that it was january and it's only snowed once
he may have grunted, or swore at me under his breath to shut up
but in my mirror i noticed all he did
was stare out the window
don't get me wrong
i can talk your ear off about the assholes
who sat back there
this guy was far from the worst
you say he was a writer?
did he write for the papers?
did he make a lot of money?
because he wasn't a horrible tipper