Monday, November 6, 2017

Lottery with a bullet

It may have finally come to pass where it is time to monetize the mass shootings in America. It's time to hold a lottery. A pool for when and where the next mass shooting will be.

This is a pool where one can parlay their predictions into millions of potential dollars. The money raised can go to the NRA or to other gun loving lobbying groups

Some suggested categories for people to gamble on may include:

The date
The state
The sex of the shooter (a gimme!)
The race (can be tricky)
Age of the shooter
Did the shooter have a prior conviction of domestic violence
The population of the place where the shooting occurred.
The time of day
How many were killed
The ages of those killed. (youngest, oldest)
Were any of the victims pregnant?
Did any good guys with guns try and stop the shooter
Did the shooter die before being captured?
Did the shooter take his own life?
Was the shooter captured alive?
Was the shooter offered Burger King or other fast food by the police force?
How many wounded?
How many permanently disfigured
How many victims had GoFundMe accounts opened to pay for their medical bills?
How many victims had GoFundMe accounts to pay for their funerals?
How many members of congress posted a tweet that said, "Thoughts and prayers are with the victims."
How many hours it took the president to do the same
Did the president do the same?
How many cable news presenters said it was "Too Soon" to talk about gun control
How many cable news presenters tried to politicize the shooting less than three hours after it happened

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Why not add your own?

Come on America, put your bullets where your wallet is. Make this happen. Make it great!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Thomas Wolfe and the home thing

Back on Long Island for a visit. Just a visit. For a change there are no funerals to attend. The weather has been oddly glorious for early November. This morning, though, there was a dense fog and I went to Heckscher State Park to see how the Great South Bay would look. It was hard to see though the mist. Very eerie and quite cool. A mist formed over my glasses. Made me wish I’d spent more time down here in high school. Should have ridden my bike down there instead of the to the South Shore Mall to play video games. It would have given me some much needed serenity.

The presence of my Mother is at many turns I make. She worked at the Connetquot State Park, which looms large with my family. There’s a memory bench with her name on it by the hatchery, where the public cannot go. My Stepfather and I went there today. He’s struggling with mobility these days, as he ages. But he got out his walker and rolled himself there.

As I drive my rented Hyundai around Western Suffolk County, memories flood me more than usual this time. Mostly about all the places I did not go, and how much time I wasted not going to them. But there’s the place I cursed up a storm at a guy for taking my bike. There’s the building I where threw a solid punch at a guy and knocked his head back. And of course, the house I lived in under some torment. But my Mom is still all over the place, and me - well I deliberately tried to erase my presence, or at least my footprint - and I cannot put it back, nor do I want to.

Overall it has been a good and necessary visit. My Stepfather took us to dinner last night, I took him to lunch today. My Niece does not take any crap from by Brother, which is a good thing. Later, I’m taking my Aunt to dinner. After that, who knows.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

jumping though hoops, throwing out stuff

My wife is out of the country this week visiting family. So I've been doing stuff out of the house to keep from being here feeling sorry for myself.

I've gone out to see a local band play, a party, and to see the Columbus Symphony perform the soundtrack to Star Wars with the film. That was such an amazing movie experience. If you ever have a chance to see the film like that, do it. The whole film dominates you and the sound is incredible. Great stuff.

We are also in the process of getting pre-approval for a mortgage, which has been a lot more frustrating than it should be. I'm ready to fling things at brokers and say screw you, I'm paying cash. They ask us to do stuff, we do them, then they ask for more and more.

All this means this house will be for sale, maybe not when we buy a new house, which has been the main problem, but soon after. Been in the basement this weekend throwing things out. A lot of old, poorly stored tapes that are useless as there is nothing here to play them on. Into the trash. Old, poorly written writing. Into the trash.

So long juvenilia.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I do not know what to say here

One of my friends posted a picture of the sleeve of 45, and I just had to find the song, to hear it.

This is my fault. I did not have to look but could not help myself.

I bear no malice toward Bob McGrath. He did some beautiful work on Sesame Street.

This though, I just do not know how the world works, and never will.

Who decides?