Sunday, October 8, 2017

jumping though hoops, throwing out stuff

My wife is out of the country this week visiting family. So I've been doing stuff out of the house to keep from being here feeling sorry for myself.

I've gone out to see a local band play, a party, and to see the Columbus Symphony perform the soundtrack to Star Wars with the film. That was such an amazing movie experience. If you ever have a chance to see the film like that, do it. The whole film dominates you and the sound is incredible. Great stuff.

We are also in the process of getting pre-approval for a mortgage, which has been a lot more frustrating than it should be. I'm ready to fling things at brokers and say screw you, I'm paying cash. They ask us to do stuff, we do them, then they ask for more and more.

All this means this house will be for sale, maybe not when we buy a new house, which has been the main problem, but soon after. Been in the basement this weekend throwing things out. A lot of old, poorly stored tapes that are useless as there is nothing here to play them on. Into the trash. Old, poorly written writing. Into the trash.

So long juvenilia.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I do not know what to say here

One of my friends posted a picture of the sleeve of 45, and I just had to find the song, to hear it.

This is my fault. I did not have to look but could not help myself.

I bear no malice toward Bob McGrath. He did some beautiful work on Sesame Street.

This though, I just do not know how the world works, and never will.

Who decides?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Time to move on, time to get going

He was the cool friend of your Uncle who would slip you a beer or some weed at a family picnic. A slight, frail man who wrote some memorable and introspective rock and roll. He's one reason why I play a Rickenbacker.

Tom Petty died today, aged 66.

We saw him here in June. Paid a ridiculous amount of money for tickets, because you never know, right? Especially after 2016. He played his last concert, ending the tour he said would be his last, on September 22nd.

Some retirement.

But we knew he'd never stop making music, because that was what made him magic, what gave him joy.

What kept him going.

See your heroes when you can, even though you know they are not perfect. Take a shitty picture.

Thank you for the music for over 40 years of my life, Charlie T. Wilbury Jr.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The year of the ignore

Been quite the year of not being able to get things done. I swear I have shown people a stack of money, said can you do this reasonable and legal thing for me, and I get a slack jawed stare, or no response.

The latest involves my wife and I submitting a shit ton of paperwork and other documents that were demanded of us. Now that said paperwork is in their hands, nothing. Despite asking where we are in the process there has not been word back.

I'm of mind to go to the company facebook page and make sarcastic commentary on all their postings of motivational quotes.

The Vietnam War doc is turning into an eighteen hour edition of the Big Chill. It's quite informative and the use of the North Vietnamese soldiers is a side I had no idea about. The music is a bit too obvious and heavy handed for my taste.

Maybe by the time this documentary reaches its conclusion, we'll get a call back. Or we'll take our business elsewhere, as has been done more than a few times this year.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Me and J.K. Simmons get together on Wednesdays

After the crazy horror show that has been running the past few years, this year I've decided to bring some sense of joy back into my life. It was there all along, but the arsenal is increasing.

I bought the Rickenbacker 330 back in May to fulfill a dream I had, bought an little amp to go with it and the hobby has worked out. So much that I started taking lessons a couple of months ago with a highly qualified teacher who smacks me in the head when my finger placement is wrong. I need this, my training for the last 35 years of playing a guitar was nil. So here were are and I look forward to the half hour each week.

Also decided to get my beat up acoustic guitar, that I have had since the late eighties, a new set up. The folks at Guitar House Workshop fixed the bridge and nut, lowered the action and put new strings on. It's like I have a brand new guitar. It has never played so well, not even when new.

While this was happening I bought a better amp.

After that happened this happened.

It's a Hofner Verythin. Very cool Chinese made guitar with German origins. As its name says, it is very thin. I love how light it is and the thin neck. Sounds very versatile and takes the effects pedal well. I had never played one before purchase, so it was an unknown. But my wife said if I did not like it, I could always sell it.

I'm not selling it.

As far as my ability, some of it is going slow. It's hard for me to remember the note changes, and learning the tablature language is difficult for me. But there is improvement, and the fun is there.

Remember the fun people!

Because life is too short.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tonight in parenting

I am very self conscious about my guitar playing. I think I suck and there is very little that would convince me otherwise. When my son was younger, I'd break out my acoustic and play it. He would come up to me and put his hand on the strings and mute them with a very earnest 'stop playing, Dad' look on his face.

My neighbors have noticed me playing back there. One of them told me his dad was quite the musician back in the day. Very versatile, played a lot of different instruments. I said I hoped it was not too loud. He said he could not really hear me play, but could see me. Is that a sign for me to crank it up?

Recently I had my acoustic fixed. It's been cleaned, restrung and had bridge and nut work done so it is a lot easier to play. It's like I have a brand new guitar, it never sounded this good before.

Tonight I was playing the electric in the back room when my Son wandered into the kitchen and looked toward me. I invited him back to sit, and he did. I played a bit on the guitar and he remained seated, whatever I was playing did not seem to be harming him or he would have left the room.

I put on some records as he's still listening to what I put on his iPad. Since he's been listening to I Want You Bad by NRBQ I put that on, and he sat and listened. Then I put the Left Banke on as he's still really enjoying Pretty Ballerina and seems to like She Will Call You Up Tonight.

Put a new one on for him. I know he likes the acoustic stuff so I put Mumford & Sons 'Sigh No More' on for him and he really reacted positively to it. He was listening intently, rocking front to back in the chair. Real connection. So I put it on his iPad while he was still in the back room. As he picked up his iPad to go upstairs I told him I put the Mumford & Sons on there for him.

I returned to the back room and about ten minutes later my wife came back to say she could hear Winter Winds coming from his room.

This kid amazes me.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

That Nobody's Poet Feeling

I’m not gay
I’m not a person of color
I’m not a member of any marginalized group.
I am the enemy.
I am an older, straight white male who is financially secure.
So, what do I have to offer at an open mic night when a solid majority of the work performed is about being out of the mainstream and oppressed?
I sit.
I listen.
Remain silent.
Try to learn.
Is that enough?