Tuesday, November 20, 2018

More from the Westgate Cavern

Today is Scott Hutchinson's birthday. I'm doing my part, with clumsy fingers, to keep Frightened Rabbit's music alive.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Beggars Night, Redux

Beggars Night, Redux

(Email subject headings in order, from Ohio Democrats, on Election Day eve 2018)

This race is about Ohio, not Trump
We don’t fear the future, we shape it
Trump, Hannity, Pence, and DeWine
Mobilizing the state of Ohio to get to the polls
Trump is about to take the stage in Ohio
Tomorrow, we hold Trump accountable.
More empty name-calling from Mike DeWine and Donald Trump - Let's show them what we're made of
The strongest ticket in my lifetime

Final poll alert - last snapshot before Election Day
Join us on election night in Columbus
Last chance before Election Day

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The View From West George Street

We're staying on the first floor of an apartment/hotel. The ceilings are super high and the bedrooms are set back far enough that we do not hear much of the street noise. It's a busy one way street that goes straight into Nelson Mandela Place to one of the large shopping areas of the city. It's central, and we have not stayed anywhere this close to anything in over ten years. We were in one of my favorite bars the other night, at night, which was a first. I do not know if the city takes on a different pace at night, but it's cool to walk an abandoned Buchanan Street at 11PM, knowing that the way to bed is about six minutes away, instead of having the rush for the late train to Lenzie.

Spent some money today, and not necessarily on whiskey. Bought a shirt at a shop I would have have considered even entering five years ago, but here we are now in our new financial reality.

We've been to a few events: Ian Rankin and guests talking about murder cases, Vic Galloway reading about the wonderful Rip It Up exhibit on Scottish Pop in Edinburgh, followed by club night of music by said musicians on vinyl with Galloway, Divine and Stephen Pastel DJing. Tomorrow night its the Posies at a legendary club I've only read about. It's my first concert in Glasgow and I wonder if I'm worthy.

This was my best visit to Edinburgh, the people were actually pleasant this time about. All the while I lamented to my sister-in-law about a city being loved to death by tourists (yes, I know) we went to the blissfully quiet Oxford Bar where I used a toilet that Ian Rankin has surely used a couple of times, at least. Edinburgh was crowded, busy, now with a tram, and took away a lot of the unpleasantness of previous visits. Cheers!

The buses and taxis move behind me, there are occasional drunken shouts late at night. We're in the middle of this city, the energy, activity and screw the front of house at Mossa who were not capable of seating us let alone look at us after they finally got us a table, this has been a good stay.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Around 4:30AM

My Mother died five years ago this December. Last night I had what I believe is the first dream I've had with her in it, at least what I can remember.

It was in flashback, my son was small, and I was trying to get some rest in the basement of her house on Long Island. All I remember was my son running around in the living room, and a group of people coming in the house, including my mom.

She came downstairs to check on me and asked how I was doing. I told her exhausted but I am not going through chemo the way you are. She could not stay, had to go back to the hospital. I could not kiss her goodbye because of her condition.

Then she left, and I woke up.

Monday, September 10, 2018

The tone I've been looking for

When people are looking through over 40 years of your life on one side of the room, and you are on the other - holding forth and making gin cocktails, it can get a bit stressful.

The Westgate Cavern was festive on Saturday night. We had a very nice party and everyone hung out in the basement this time out. People were looking through my record collection without me hovering over them, judging my life's work. I'm sure all the cool stuff they liked was added by my wife. In the end, it all worked out. The worst thing was one record being misfiled - I hope a librarian did not do that. Got to add some new vinyl as my brother's partner came to the party, gifting me of his record collection. I spent some time yesterday weeding out the duplicates and what will move along and added some cool stuff and things he had that I lost in the flood to Discogs. That Lloyd Cole Rattlesnakes record is damn good.

There's a new member of the family also. Finally bit the bullet and got a new amp. The Supro Comet is a little tube dynamo. A ten inch speaker powered by six or fourteen watts of power, and it cranks at both. Good reverb and a smooth tremolo makes it what will be the last amp I ever need.

It was a bit of adventure getting the amp. I had bought from the company before and thought I put in my new address. I did not. Saw that it was shipped to the old address and races over there right away. When I got there, the guy had his laptop open and said, "You work for Ohio State." He was googling me to find some contact info as he suspected I'd need this, and he was right. And he is an honest man, this renter of my old house. Also, apologies to all the people I spoke with at UPS over the past week. My tone was not appropriate.

So it is good, a solid party turn out despite steady rain that ranged from a hard drizzle to near biblical. The puddle in the downstairs bathroom held off forming until after everyone left.