Thursday, August 17, 2017

The streets were full of slow moving cars

My son started school today and is technically in ninth grade. It's hard enough to let that try and sink in before realizing he will be fifteen in two weeks. He's growing taller, his feet are almost as big as mine and we're going out for new shoes this weekend.

The rest is still unknown.

Received a direct message a couple of days ago from a person who had never heard of Tom Lehrer before they came across my blog. The person was having a rough time of it recently and the discovery of his music really improved their mood. I was thanked profusely.

Glad that I could make a difference in a small, positive way. Something I thought about after a rough day in which I sat in traffic four about three and a half out of four hours straight then walked into a boisterous and loud restaurant when all I wanted was a tiny bit of peace and quiet. I plodded through, and my lovely wife did her best to improve my own stressed out ass.

Now if we all could try and make that much of a difference to better shit.

Monday, August 14, 2017

He must read this blog

Jeffrey Berman

(No subject)

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Berman. I write to you in good faith and hoping that you will understand the importance of my email. My decision to contact you is because I have been recently diagnosed with Cancer and the doctor said I have less than 8 weeks to live. I have decided to DONATE US$8,500,000 to you to promote charity works, children in need, the poor and to help the homeless.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

So, Guam

Tom Lehrer can provide the soundtrack to the end of the world.

Waving nuclear weapons like a phallus. Sad, sick men.