Thursday, December 28, 2017

On screen 2017

Just about all the films I watched this year. I can also include 13 episodes of MST3K The Return, but you can look those up. Still enjoying TCM, and the occasional live tweeting on #TCMparty. Still trying to watch one film a week, but scheduling and all the TV series' on Netflix make that difficult. As always, would like to get to the theater more but streaming makes things too easy.

1) Sour Grapes
2) Sing Street
3) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
4) Miss Sharon Jones!
5) The Birds
6) Blazing Saddles
7) Casablanca
8) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
9) The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)
10) Get Out
11) The Golden Vision
12) Vacation From Marriage
13) Crossfire Hurricane
14) The Quiet Man
15) The Commitments
16) The Sidehackers (MST3K)
17) The Giant Gila Monster (MST3K)
18) Trainspotting 2
19) Double Indemnity
20) Young Frankenstein
21) Turnabout
22) Palm Beach Story
23) Lilies in the Field
24) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
25) Obit
26) Breakfast at Tiffany’s
27) Mali Blues
28) Moana
29) Yankee Doodle Dandy
30) Spiderman: Homecoming
31) Baby Driver
32) Raiders of the Lost Ark
33) Marnie
34) Singing in the Rain
35) Sharknado 5
36) The Philadelphia Story
37) Holiday
38) The Animal Kingdom (1932)
39) For Pete’s Sake
40) Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story
41) Kingsman: The Golden Circle
42) A Star is Born (1937)
43) Star Wars (with Columbus Symphony)
44) The Big Sleep
45) Lion
46) Madame Satan
47) Casablanca
48) Wee Geordie
49) The Last Jedi
50) In the Good Ol’ Summertime
51) Madame X
52) Eegah! (MST3K Live)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The last week of the year

Hope you all had a fine holiday. Despite my car accident (no one was hurt) it was a very good one. My lovely wife spoiled the heck out of me. If you ever come to the Westgate Cavern you will find out why. The teenager is doing well, as long as he has his iPad to play Badfinger and the Rolling Stones' "Child of the Moon"

I, too, listened to some music this year. Here's what kept me going. Really, really liked the first two - so I'm calling it a tie for the year's best.

Algiers - The Underside of Power
Nicole Atkins - Goodnight Rhonda Lee
Alvvays - Antisocalites
Neil Finn - Out of Silence
Robyn Hitchcock - Robyn Hitchcock
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - Soul of a Woman
Little Steven - Soulfire
Lorde - Melodrama
Willie Phoenix and the Soul Underground - Garage Blues Band
Harry Styles - Harry Styles
Tinariwen - Elwan
Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm

Next up, the movies watched list, and car buying.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Quiet ideas in my head

The street I live on is 99% quieter than the last one and it is taking time to get used to. No longer are there people doing 60 in a 25. No more 2AM sirens, although there were helicopters during the day on Thursday. When you deal with fifteen years of noise, you do not necessarily miss it but it is a new normal.

The tree has been up for a week, we all have stockings over the mantel now.



Our bedroom is cold so we got a space heater. We're getting a rug for part of the upstairs space as well. There will be more enhancements, upgrades and replacements coming as they do. Still sorting out the basement space. Have a few pieces of relevant art going down there and an idea for another that could be a commission piece, but who knows?

Christmas Eve is a week away. It's gone so fast amidst the daily chaos of our times. And in all of the good that did happen, there have been a few sad losses in a non-political way, too.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Space, is strange to accept

For years I had lived in small apartments with a bunch of stuff and another person, and their stuff. Then I lived in a small house, with my stuff and her stuff and the kid's stuff. Then it was the same house with my stuff, and the kid's stuff and another person who came over having to live with all that stuff that was not her's.

So here I am now, in our new home, with double the space so no one is really on top of each other. There's still stuff, but it's not as visible. There's a room where the stuff is and you do not have to look at it if you do not want to. And again, this is all my stuff.

When I sit in the basement, which is about 40 feet long, I freak out that there is nothing piled up that I can see. Stuff is arranged, in its place and not giving off a cramped feeling. Everything is, and that's been hard for me to deal with after living in such tight conditions for the past forever.

Our bedroom is on the third floor, the whole floor. My wife was drying her hair while sitting on the floor this morning.

"We should get a chair so you don't have to sit on the floor."


It's a chair, a necessary chair that would not take up much space.

It would be more stuff, but also a piece of furniture that would be used.

Stuff is weird.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

All over but the unpacking

We're more or less in the new place now. More because it's here, less because we're still figuring out the logistics of placement. The muscle memory of coffee making has changed due to the shape of the kitchen and remembering where the scoop for the beans is, where did the scale go, where does the French Press go after it's used.

In time, we'll get that.

Just figured out how to get the answering machine back up (yes we still have one) and will work on the surround sound in the next day or two.

Artwork has to be hung up, but where? Some of the new arrivals have to be matted and framed.

The basement is awesome already, and we have plans to make it incredible.

It's so darn quiet on this street too. For me, that takes some getting used to.

Meanwhile, the GOP has passed one of the cruelest tax reform bills in decades and the long term consequences will be felt by all of us, unless we're uber-rich. And I suspect they will run out of places to hide soon enough.

So please, I do not want to read one complaint. You were all warned. Numerous times. I see the tweets and instagram posts you click like on. Do not go there.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Blurred days

Been another week of loading up the car, unloading it all in the new house. Repeat. Somewhere in there my wife made a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. I did take the garbage bin out to where one of my new neighbors said to on trash day. The next morning it was on the opposite side of the alley where I put it, next to my gate. This was nice of someone.

Nothing really heavy is left for me to move, than's what movers are for on Thursday. Still have to slide the washer in the new house over to make room for our newer one. Anyone want a washer? Let me know. You move it out, you own it. Even most clothing has been taken over to the new place. Kitchen stuff soon.

The basement is taking good shape. Where the music, guitars and fun things are.

Five more days and the transition should be done. Then to get the old place ready to sell, and the sooner the better for that.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lottery with a bullet

It may have finally come to pass where it is time to monetize the mass shootings in America. It's time to hold a lottery. A pool for when and where the next mass shooting will be.

This is a pool where one can parlay their predictions into millions of potential dollars. The money raised can go to the NRA or to other gun loving lobbying groups

Some suggested categories for people to gamble on may include:

The date
The state
The sex of the shooter (a gimme!)
The race (can be tricky)
Age of the shooter
Did the shooter have a prior conviction of domestic violence
The population of the place where the shooting occurred.
The time of day
How many were killed
The ages of those killed. (youngest, oldest)
Were any of the victims pregnant?
Did any good guys with guns try and stop the shooter
Did the shooter die before being captured?
Did the shooter take his own life?
Was the shooter captured alive?
Was the shooter offered Burger King or other fast food by the police force?
How many wounded?
How many permanently disfigured
How many victims had GoFundMe accounts opened to pay for their medical bills?
How many victims had GoFundMe accounts to pay for their funerals?
How many members of congress posted a tweet that said, "Thoughts and prayers are with the victims."
How many hours it took the president to do the same
Did the president do the same?
How many cable news presenters said it was "Too Soon" to talk about gun control
How many cable news presenters tried to politicize the shooting less than three hours after it happened

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Why not add your own?

Come on America, put your bullets where your wallet is. Make this happen. Make it great!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Thomas Wolfe and the home thing

Back on Long Island for a visit. Just a visit. For a change there are no funerals to attend. The weather has been oddly glorious for early November. This morning, though, there was a dense fog and I went to Heckscher State Park to see how the Great South Bay would look. It was hard to see though the mist. Very eerie and quite cool. A mist formed over my glasses. Made me wish I’d spent more time down here in high school. Should have ridden my bike down there instead of the to the South Shore Mall to play video games. It would have given me some much needed serenity.

The presence of my Mother is at many turns I make. She worked at the Connetquot State Park, which looms large with my family. There’s a memory bench with her name on it by the hatchery, where the public cannot go. My Stepfather and I went there today. He’s struggling with mobility these days, as he ages. But he got out his walker and rolled himself there.

As I drive my rented Hyundai around Western Suffolk County, memories flood me more than usual this time. Mostly about all the places I did not go, and how much time I wasted not going to them. But there’s the place I cursed up a storm at a guy for taking my bike. There’s the building I where threw a solid punch at a guy and knocked his head back. And of course, the house I lived in under some torment. But my Mom is still all over the place, and me - well I deliberately tried to erase my presence, or at least my footprint - and I cannot put it back, nor do I want to.

Overall it has been a good and necessary visit. My Stepfather took us to dinner last night, I took him to lunch today. My Niece does not take any crap from by Brother, which is a good thing. Later, I’m taking my Aunt to dinner. After that, who knows.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

jumping though hoops, throwing out stuff

My wife is out of the country this week visiting family. So I've been doing stuff out of the house to keep from being here feeling sorry for myself.

I've gone out to see a local band play, a party, and to see the Columbus Symphony perform the soundtrack to Star Wars with the film. That was such an amazing movie experience. If you ever have a chance to see the film like that, do it. The whole film dominates you and the sound is incredible. Great stuff.

We are also in the process of getting pre-approval for a mortgage, which has been a lot more frustrating than it should be. I'm ready to fling things at brokers and say screw you, I'm paying cash. They ask us to do stuff, we do them, then they ask for more and more.

All this means this house will be for sale, maybe not when we buy a new house, which has been the main problem, but soon after. Been in the basement this weekend throwing things out. A lot of old, poorly stored tapes that are useless as there is nothing here to play them on. Into the trash. Old, poorly written writing. Into the trash.

So long juvenilia.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I do not know what to say here

One of my friends posted a picture of the sleeve of 45, and I just had to find the song, to hear it.

This is my fault. I did not have to look but could not help myself.

I bear no malice toward Bob McGrath. He did some beautiful work on Sesame Street.

This though, I just do not know how the world works, and never will.

Who decides?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Time to move on, time to get going

He was the cool friend of your Uncle who would slip you a beer or some weed at a family picnic. A slight, frail man who wrote some memorable and introspective rock and roll. He's one reason why I play a Rickenbacker.

Tom Petty died today, aged 66.

We saw him here in June. Paid a ridiculous amount of money for tickets, because you never know, right? Especially after 2016. He played his last concert, ending the tour he said would be his last, on September 22nd.

Some retirement.

But we knew he'd never stop making music, because that was what made him magic, what gave him joy.

What kept him going.

See your heroes when you can, even though you know they are not perfect. Take a shitty picture.

Thank you for the music for over 40 years of my life, Charlie T. Wilbury Jr.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The year of the ignore

Been quite the year of not being able to get things done. I swear I have shown people a stack of money, said can you do this reasonable and legal thing for me, and I get a slack jawed stare, or no response.

The latest involves my wife and I submitting a shit ton of paperwork and other documents that were demanded of us. Now that said paperwork is in their hands, nothing. Despite asking where we are in the process there has not been word back.

I'm of mind to go to the company facebook page and make sarcastic commentary on all their postings of motivational quotes.

The Vietnam War doc is turning into an eighteen hour edition of the Big Chill. It's quite informative and the use of the North Vietnamese soldiers is a side I had no idea about. The music is a bit too obvious and heavy handed for my taste.

Maybe by the time this documentary reaches its conclusion, we'll get a call back. Or we'll take our business elsewhere, as has been done more than a few times this year.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Me and J.K. Simmons get together on Wednesdays

After the crazy horror show that has been running the past few years, this year I've decided to bring some sense of joy back into my life. It was there all along, but the arsenal is increasing.

I bought the Rickenbacker 330 back in May to fulfill a dream I had, bought an little amp to go with it and the hobby has worked out. So much that I started taking lessons a couple of months ago with a highly qualified teacher who smacks me in the head when my finger placement is wrong. I need this, my training for the last 35 years of playing a guitar was nil. So here were are and I look forward to the half hour each week.

Also decided to get my beat up acoustic guitar, that I have had since the late eighties, a new set up. The folks at Guitar House Workshop fixed the bridge and nut, lowered the action and put new strings on. It's like I have a brand new guitar. It has never played so well, not even when new.

While this was happening I bought a better amp.

After that happened this happened.

It's a Hofner Verythin. Very cool Chinese made guitar with German origins. As its name says, it is very thin. I love how light it is and the thin neck. Sounds very versatile and takes the effects pedal well. I had never played one before purchase, so it was an unknown. But my wife said if I did not like it, I could always sell it.

I'm not selling it.

As far as my ability, some of it is going slow. It's hard for me to remember the note changes, and learning the tablature language is difficult for me. But there is improvement, and the fun is there.

Remember the fun people!

Because life is too short.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tonight in parenting

I am very self conscious about my guitar playing. I think I suck and there is very little that would convince me otherwise. When my son was younger, I'd break out my acoustic and play it. He would come up to me and put his hand on the strings and mute them with a very earnest 'stop playing, Dad' look on his face.

My neighbors have noticed me playing back there. One of them told me his dad was quite the musician back in the day. Very versatile, played a lot of different instruments. I said I hoped it was not too loud. He said he could not really hear me play, but could see me. Is that a sign for me to crank it up?

Recently I had my acoustic fixed. It's been cleaned, restrung and had bridge and nut work done so it is a lot easier to play. It's like I have a brand new guitar, it never sounded this good before.

Tonight I was playing the electric in the back room when my Son wandered into the kitchen and looked toward me. I invited him back to sit, and he did. I played a bit on the guitar and he remained seated, whatever I was playing did not seem to be harming him or he would have left the room.

I put on some records as he's still listening to what I put on his iPad. Since he's been listening to I Want You Bad by NRBQ I put that on, and he sat and listened. Then I put the Left Banke on as he's still really enjoying Pretty Ballerina and seems to like She Will Call You Up Tonight.

Put a new one on for him. I know he likes the acoustic stuff so I put Mumford & Sons 'Sigh No More' on for him and he really reacted positively to it. He was listening intently, rocking front to back in the chair. Real connection. So I put it on his iPad while he was still in the back room. As he picked up his iPad to go upstairs I told him I put the Mumford & Sons on there for him.

I returned to the back room and about ten minutes later my wife came back to say she could hear Winter Winds coming from his room.

This kid amazes me.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

That Nobody's Poet Feeling

I’m not gay
I’m not a person of color
I’m not a member of any marginalized group.
I am the enemy.
I am an older, straight white male who is financially secure.
So, what do I have to offer at an open mic night when a solid majority of the work performed is about being out of the mainstream and oppressed?
I sit.
I listen.
Remain silent.
Try to learn.
Is that enough?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Really, do not vandalize cemeteries

My third Great-Grandfather, Joseph Plunkett served in the army with the Massachusetts Volunteers during The Civil War. His arm was either injured or blown off during the Battle of Petersburg and he was taken prisoner. He was freed during a prisoner exchange a couple of months later. I’m not certain what POW camp he was detained in, but it would not have been an easy place to be captive.

My Great-Uncle Eddie was killed in action on March 26th, 1945 while the U.S. Army crossed the Rhine River. He was 20 years old and his death had a profound impact on my family, especially that of my Grandfather who was 20 years older and looked after him almost like a son. He is buried in the St. Avold Cemetery in France because my Grandfather wanted him buried there with his buddies. I have not been there but I have photographs of the site that were taken by relatives who went to pay their respects to their Brother or their Uncle.

As you know I have a deep respect for cemeteries and the way we honor and remember our dead. I’ve also gained respect for how we honor our war dead. So when I saw that the Camp Chase cemetery, about a mile from my house, was vandalized last night, it disappointed me.

Camp Chase was a military camp in Columbus, during The Civil War it became a prisoner of war facility. Over 2,000 confederate soldiers lost their lives in the dirty, unsafe and medically primitive facility. Call it the Andersonville of the north.

I honor the gravesites of the war dead of the average soldier. Men who were often threatened by evil governments with death of their own families to enlist for a terrible cause. Win or lose, war is shit. Luckily my family was on the winning side of the wars. Yet, I do not hate Germans for killing my Great-Uncle as I suspect a terrified average 20 year old was probably the one who pulled the trigger in retreat.

The Camp Chase site is rather humble, not very well kept and in a non-vibrant part of Columbus. There is a stone that has an engraving of why the site is there and on top of an arch was a statue of a generic confederate soldier, with the inscription “Americans” underneath. That statue was taken down, after being up there for over 100 years, by vandals last night. I support that the meaning of the camp and it’s origins should be updated for our times. I do not agree that cemetery vandalism and desecration is the way to accomplish this.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The streets were full of slow moving cars

My son started school today and is technically in ninth grade. It's hard enough to let that try and sink in before realizing he will be fifteen in two weeks. He's growing taller, his feet are almost as big as mine and we're going out for new shoes this weekend.

The rest is still unknown.

Received a direct message a couple of days ago from a person who had never heard of Tom Lehrer before they came across my blog. The person was having a rough time of it recently and the discovery of his music really improved their mood. I was thanked profusely.

Glad that I could make a difference in a small, positive way. Something I thought about after a rough day in which I sat in traffic four about three and a half out of four hours straight then walked into a boisterous and loud restaurant when all I wanted was a tiny bit of peace and quiet. I plodded through, and my lovely wife did her best to improve my own stressed out ass.

Now if we all could try and make that much of a difference to better shit.

Monday, August 14, 2017

He must read this blog

Jeffrey Berman

(No subject)

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Berman. I write to you in good faith and hoping that you will understand the importance of my email. My decision to contact you is because I have been recently diagnosed with Cancer and the doctor said I have less than 8 weeks to live. I have decided to DONATE US$8,500,000 to you to promote charity works, children in need, the poor and to help the homeless.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

So, Guam

Tom Lehrer can provide the soundtrack to the end of the world.

Waving nuclear weapons like a phallus. Sad, sick men.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The post vacation wrap up

Been an incredibly busy few weeks. Between upheaval at work, vacation and home repair there was a lot of bashing that was nuts even when you do not add in the incompetence of the current administration.

Las Vegas, though, is a rather intense place. Truly a city that operates on the 24/7 model, there is always something going on. We went to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday, and celebrate we did. You do not have to gamble to have a good time in Las Vegas. You do not even have to drink booze, but it helps! There is even Black Light KISS Indoor Mini Golf!

We saw Big Elvis, who can sing. While watching Big Elvis we saw an Elvis impersonator watching Big Elvis perform. Vegas is meta. The Strip is turning into an upscale lifestyle mall, with gambling and indoor plazas of Venice, complete with a fake sky. That said, breakfast at Bouchon is incredible. As are the fountains at Bellagio, and the indoor Chihuly sculpture in the Bellagio lobby's ceiling. The High Roller Wheel offers up a superb view of the desert, as does the deck at the Eiffel Tower, which was enhanced by the pleasant, savant abilities of the tour guide.

We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget. A lovely gambling extravaganza which has fish tanks and a shark pool. The rooms were sound. The television in the bathroom mirror was really freaking creepy. The room was not quiet, as it was on Fremont Street which parties hard until late night. Even on the 16th floor, we could hear the music.

The Fremont Street Experience, is just that. A covered party zone when you can drink outdoors provided you have plastic cups. Where zipliners go over your head, where half naked men and women pose for pictures. I also saw a really, really tall man standing in the doorway of the D Resort. It's Times Square with gambling, and I hope the city tries hard to keep it local and not a place where you can go to a Panera instead of a local diner. Sure, we went to an Evel Knievel themed pizza place, but it's not franchised!

Somehow we hooked up with a college friend and his girlfriend who happened to be in Vegas as well as a friend from England who was in town for the Microsoft Conference. We all did a bar hop in a limo and hit a couple of Tiki Bars and the Double Down Saloon, where my friend and I had shots of Ass Juice. The bar scene in Vegas is rather remarkable, like Glasgow you can spend days going to different bars and having a blast at each one without repeating. Although we did go to Frankie's Tiki Room twice, because it's chill, because it's awesome, because it's Vegas.

There is a fascinating history to the city as well. We did not go to the Mob Museum, or the Museum of Sex to see the sex bike but we did make a late night trip to the Neon Museum. This is a must see, a junkyard filled with old signs of casinos and resorts long (and short) gone. A labor of lights with lights in various stages of repair. It's a good look at where the town was, and where it is going.

Also got to gamble. Played blackjack with a live dealer, played a few hands and lost my $10. Did not help that the dealer twice drew 21 to my 20. Gambling and I do not get along, the slots were not kind to me either. Also lost a few quarters at the Pinball Hall of Fame. It was like I was 14 and spending all my paper route money.

At some point I do want to go back, but never again in July. Lows in the 90's are a bit much for me. Did not help I picked up a cold and was not doing well with the cigarette smoke in some of the casinos. The nicest day was when it rained and the temperature was tolerable. So maybe in the spring, or winter.

We returned home to a bathroom in the final stages of renovation, and a tub that leaked into the kitchen because it was moved. Those things have been fixed and the bathroom has a lovely floor and cool tiles on the walls. It's finally presentable and when my wife paints the walls it's going to be terrific. Also had a lot of overgrowth removed from the backyard. To sell or expand may be a serious question soon.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Was I surprised, yeah, was I surprised, no not at all

After my son's six year old iPad finally broke I replaced it. The music that was on the old one did not transfer over for whatever reasons so I ended up doing the selection all over again.

I know some of what he listens to, but most of it was a guess and, I admit, projection on my end. So, yes, I loaded his iTunes with what I would have liked to listen to in 1978.

Who can say what a non-verbal, fourteen year old kid with autism will play? He likes acoustic numbers, or acoustic guitars with jangly electric. Nothing really loud, heavy or punk. He likes watching the early Beatles material on DVD. Yes, this type is very familiar to me.

He's been playing Walking in the Rain by The Ronettes on repeat. I caught him listening to it a few weeks back and he had a very sad look on his face. All I said was, "Yes, that's a beautiful song." This morning's playlist was the opening bars of Badfinger's Come and Get It, the opening riff of Tom Petty's American Girl and Maryanne With the Shaky Hands by The Who.

The huge surprise is his love of Pretty Ballerina, the other hit by the Left Banke. He will play this one over and over. I put a fan made video on for him and he watched it. I even found a copy of the album AND the 45 and played it for him in the backroom, where he sat and patiently listened as he rocked himself back to front while looking at the album cover.

I do not know what's happening in his head, but I am honored that he likes some of the music I do. We are thrilled that he is listening to music that is more grown up. He also does not come up to me when I am playing guitar anymore, the times he stopped me from playing by putting his hand on the strings with a look that said, "Stop Dad." Maybe he likes my rendition of Eight Days A Week on the Rickenbacker?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Contact with Yo?

From: Padre via
Subject: Believe me! This message coming from above will change everything for you_79

Here is how your Guardian Angel can help you

Your Guardian Angel is trying to come into contact with yo


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fenders and Gibsons, Gibsons and Fenders

For research purposes, I went to a local guitar show today. I expected a modest crowd, with mostly dudes like me and got that. People were mostly polite and more than willing to answer questions. Went there to see if there were any Hofner guitars and was completely shut out. But there were a few lovely Rickenbackers, including an original 1958, which I think was fairly priced at a whopping ten grand.

No, I did not bring it home with me. I did buy a leather pick, which probably adds too much bass to my tone, but I did buy something amid all the guitars, straps, accessories and even a few record crates.

A vast majority of what was being shown were various models of Fenders and Gibsons, which is what people are looking for now days I guess. I have nothing against them, but they're not really on my radar. For sale was a decent mix of acoustics, electrics and one table devoted to left handed guitars. Gretsch is becoming a make I may look into and the more I play Epiphones the more I lose interest. There was an old Greco, a brand that I never heard of that I asked the dealer about. It was a reasonable $375 and I asked to play it. When I had it in my hands the guy said he could go down to $325. I still was not buying today. Besides, the neck was an awful mess. And if a novice like me could tell...

I was wearing my Mod styled British Royal Air Force shirt, which received two compliments. One of them was from a guy asking if I owned a Waterstone guitar. Another brand I had never heard of. It seems the logos are a close match, and now I'm on the hunt for a Waterstone guitar myself, they seem affordable and have a decent look to them that is in my interests.

There's another show in Chillicothe later this year I will probably be headed to. Again, it's about some more research.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The things you learn when you turn a prime number

Was not aware of a mugshot of myself. I mean, my ugly mug is all over the internet reading my bad poetry, but still this came as a surprise.

Does personal public record file equal my permanent record?

Thank you internet stranger for this vital information.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -MESSAGE #8228- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

MESSAGE DATE: 06/16/2017

ATTN: - One (1) or more people have searched and viewed your mugshot as well as court records on 6/16/17.

Please follow the link provided below to view further information and/or request removal from your personal public record file.

DATE: 06/14/2017

ATTN: Visit here now to view your mugshot and get further info

Thank You

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -MESSAGE #1673- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Too many hearings, not enough rock

Been quiet here but very busy on the real side of the blog.

Saw two concerts in four days. Both excellent. Sigur Ros and Tom Petty. Sigur Ros had one of the best light shows I've even seen while Tom Petty and Mike Campbell had many nice guitars. Of course I was Rickenbacker spotting, and quite easily successful. Still enjoying the wonderful instrument in The Back Room.

One I'm listening to now I may want to see also. This band is going to make an impact.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I thought all the Ambassador posts were vacant, except this one I guess

U.S. Department
United States Embassy Seal
Greeting from U.S Embassy,
Attention:Beneficiary ,
This is to inform you that your file was brought to my desk this morning,the CBN Bank here in Benin Republic / Nigeria said that they will divert your fund to the Government Treasury account just because you failed to pay the required fee of your fund which is $155 only.In the file they have forwarded to me one Mr Micheal Restov of this address (541 W Lies Rd Apt 6 Carol Stream IL 60188 USA) has forwarded to them his information for the claims of the fund saying he is your relative that you have been dead a long time ago and he stands as the next kind to make this cliam as the only survive member of your family,in this regards we want to know if this is true before we make any wrong decission in leting him stake a claim to this fund.
But we told him to wait until we confirm from you to know if his cliams are real so that we will know the reason why you rejected such amount of money 5Million usd which will change your life just because of the charges fee $155.00.we want your urgent response as you receive this email and explain to us the reason why you should abandon your fund. Kindly reply immediately with your full details as follows to enable us process your payment. Your Full names ,Your address and phone number.
I will wait to hear from you now.
Mr.James F.Entwistle.
United States Ambassador to West Africans States.

Friday, June 2, 2017

When spam asks you if you want to stop spam

it seem's that you receive a lot of spam do you want the spam to stop?
Answer me,

Did not even say please.

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Soldier's Letter Home

Among my Aunt's possessions were letters my Great Uncle sent to his brother during World War II. I'm hoping to find time to scan them and keep them preserved for family history purposes. Most of them are from his time in training North Carolina, but there is also some V-Mail from when he was in Europe and this one from Italy in 1944.

He refers to Jimmy, my Father, I believe Chickie was my Aunt. Pa was my Great-Grandfather who died in November 1944. Eddie would never see him again as he died while the 45th Division was crossing the Rhine on March 26,1945.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Seat the retreat

It’s been just over a month since I got the guitar. I’ve tried to play it about half an hour each day, plugged in or not, except when we were out of town. No, I did not bring it with me. It’s been relaxing, even if my skills are lacking. A definite comfort and I’m having fun. I’ve stopped biting my nails, lost a few pounds and lowered my blood pressure. How much of this is related is hard to say, but it is happening.

The Back Room has become a retreat to escape from the activism of the day. The constant hammering of issue after issue on social media that must be read and consumed now or else you are not paying attention. I’m not sure if I’m out of the loop, or refuse to get motion sickness by witnessing it every hour.

I am paying attention, people are so stuck on their selfies that they fail to see that. Reposting link after link after link is time consuming and I barely have the energy to get out of bed these days.

Picked up a multi-effects pedal that is fascinating to use, but probably a bit out of my depth right now. A friend said to, “play with my hands, not my feet,” and that’s a fair point. Do need a new strap though. The one I have is for an acoustic and I worry about slippage.

My wife said that she hopes I get out of the guitar what she’s been getting out of yoga. She also has a point, and so far she is correct. Although the guitar was more expensive than a yoga mat.

Another friend said I had to put me playing Talk About the Passion by REM on video in two months or he’d send me a wall hook for the guitar. I did respond, a month early. You can watch it here.

I’m very self conscious about my lack of ability, so I have no idea how long the link will be active. But yes, I’m happy as Hell with the investment as I work on proficiency on the instrument. I’m not hiding, but that’s where I’ll be for awhile.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Next time I will wear pants, ok?

The spam filter has had some rather insulting emails inside of it recently.

A few fake addys sending some rather insulting bile. Some time of poison pen scheme?

From: Your EX @

Subject: our cloths are disguisting - Just so you know

Dude, I always wanted to tell you that the cloths you wear do not look that good on you. Please be more classy! It is for your well-being. Just an advice from a friend.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The state of the sportball

Spent the week recovering from driving the length of Pennsylvania twice in five days. I've written about it before, and will probably never make that drive again. The rain over last weekend seems to have doubled its way back to Ohio the last couple of days. We had a gutter fixed in the back of the house, now there are still leaks in the basement but they're not as heavy as before. The joys of having a ninety year old house.

Currently listening to the Mets getting their asses handed to them by the Angels, who are ahead 9-0 in the third inning. Injuries and bad managerial decisions have decimated the pitching staff this season. Once again, frustrated and Bitter Mets Fan is not having a good spring.

Everton have finished their season in seventh place, which is probably the best they can do with the talent on the team at this time. Manager Koeman has his work cut out for him in talent acquisition over the summer. They are in Europa League competition next season, which means they get to go to places like SK Brann in Norway on a Thursday night in November.

Meanwhile up in Scotland, Celtic have been a buzzsaw in the Scottish Premier League this season as they finished at the top of the table with 34 wins, 4 draws and no losses. Going undefeated in any league is quite the accomplishment and Brendan Rodgers and his team are to be commended. Maybe next year they can get through the group stages of the Champions League and once again get pasted by a team like Juventus.

Getting worn out by those who think our president is becoming more presidential when he does not fling his own poo for twenty four hours. He's no statesman, but a con man.

Friday, May 12, 2017

You may ask yourself, well how did I get here?

I'm writing this from the parlor of a B&B that was built in the late 19th century and once owned by the family that exported Mumm Champagne into the country. Word on the street says it's now partially owned by a financial analyst who shouts a lot on a cable network.

We're going to be meeting some friends, and attending a pre-wedding dinner of a family member on Sunday in an Ivy League club in Manhattan. Excited about taking trains.

The weather is unseasonably cool. Drove here yesterday in an incessant rain through most of Pennsylvania. A drive I already cannot stand. Paid about $25 for the privilege of driving on some substandard roads.

When we got to the room last night, we set to lie down and catch up on events online but the power in the building went out for about fifteen minutes. It seems the power company was working on some utility lines and they knocked out power in the whole town. So it was not me signing into the wi-fi.

Going to head out and explore the town a bit more before getting lost on the way to our lunch date. Then again, Siri helped us get here with no incidents, maybe she can help us get around New Jersey without any tears.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Life is too short, so I did it

For a minute I was worried the world would blow up while a dream was in transit. I looked in local pawn shops and the guy at Sam's was very cool with good banter as he let me play the 360 they had. Also the people at Sam Ash were kind enough to let me play a new 360 even though it was not what I wanted to pay. Found it on ebay, from a guitar shop in Phoenix who did a great job packing and shipping the instrument.

Rickenbacker 330. It's new, and it's mine. Wife said she was not going to stand in my way. My Aunt's planning made it possible, and she would have agreed too. So there it is. Wanted one for about 40 years and now I can play one whenever I want. It's lovely, I'm building my callouses again and it's what I wanted. (Although the Epiphone Casino is pretty sweet)

I like the amp too. Stereo loud. I have no plans on upgrading the amp to annoy the neighbors but am looking at pedals.

It has me playing again, with noted improvement over the last three days and I walk around the house with it.

But mostly, since I have no plans on going to the studio or touring, it's for The Back Room.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

In West Columbus, and other sad places

The original Lunatic Asylum of Ohio was constructed in Columbus in 1835 on Columbus’ near east side. It burned down in 1868 and the rebuild on the west side of the city was completed in 1877. It was a tremendous building, said to be the largest structure under one roof until the Pentagon was built. If you walked around it, the distance was over a mile.

In the late 1980’s the building was abandoned and finally demolished in the 1990’s. Some of the architectural details, such as railings and windows, were salvaged and installed in the Hilltop Library - where I worked for a few years.

It was a hospital where the criminally insane were sent, where the indigent ended up, and where some poor families dropped off their children and relatives.

There are a couple of cemeteries on the site, They are hidden on the west side of Columbus. The one I finally went to is fairly easy to find. It is north of the BMV, just east of a center where violent juveniles are housed and next to the Columbus Police Department’s Heliport.

It’s a very peaceful, green space but looking at the stones is a very sad experience.

Who were these people? How many of them died alone? How many of them died not knowing they had family out there, or no family left?

How many were truly mentally ill and not given the help they deserved. How many were simply odd or misunderstood?

How many were autistic?

Here is a stone that simply labels a mass grave of human beings, Specimens. This is not the only one.

Here are row after row of tiny stones that reduced people’s names to numbers.

There were so many of these types of institutions all over the country, including one a couple of miles from where I grew up. Most of them had cemeteries just like this one. The numbers of people who were not treated like human beings, not given any assistance or dignity had to be staggering. Yet here we are today, facing an uncountable number of people with autism and other disabilities and we are cutting services instead of creating them. As a society we are not prepared for this storm. I’m not sure if this culture wants to take care of the most vulnerable.

Hope you all had a woke Autism Awareness Month. May is ALS, Arthritis, Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington’s Disease, Lupus, Mental Health, Stroke, Vision and more awareness month. That’s a lot to be aware of. Will no one will be aware of autism for another year?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


From the jungles of Peru
Gives 89 year old man
his first erection since 1987!

Puts an end to shameful, humiliating
erectile dysfunction

Restores the long lasting erections women crave

(display image below)**

I am not clicking on that!

Get my free trial today!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Planning well in middle age

It was a year ago when my Brother called to tell me an account in my name had been set up by a brokerage firm. So my ignoring those emails from it was not the best idea. In about 24 hours the life and future of my family was altered. I've tried to do wise things, have made a few mistakes but have done some good moves also. Here I am learning about cost basis, mutual funds and strategies. As long as it all does not tank. Which in this day and age is not outside the realm of possibility.

This freedom allows us to do things like see Brian Wilson. To have a couple of cocktails in the new bar in the LeVeque Tower before the show. I got the practical car, and it has worked out very well almost a year in. It allows us to travel where we want when we have the time. And we're trying to help others too.

Later this week, another dream will arrive. Something I've wanted for about 40 years. I researched, went to local shops and finally pulled the trigger on eBay. I'm terrified, but it's cheaper and healthier than cocaine.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Angry so I wrote a poem

Revisionism, erasure, implied book burnings, not a fan. My Son hates ceiling fans, he has to be aware if they are on at all times. We have two in the house. There is one in our bedroom that he looks at every morning just to make sure it is not moving. The other is in the back room, where I'm typing this on a warm spring day in Columbus. When he was in the kitchen earlier he stared at the back room to make sure the ceiling fan was not moving closer to him. It's not.

There used to be one in his bedroom, but that was taken out shortly after he was born and replaced with a dimmer until that he broke as soon as he was able to move the switch.

None of this has much to do with the poem I wrote today, but it's still Autism Awareness and he's still singing at 6AM after not getting to sleep past midnight. Happy Easter.

Burn me out of your brain and see what replaces me

Erase me, revise me out of history
Ignore me, drop me, block me
Invite me nowhere, trip me in the aisle
You want to roast me
Tell me more about roasting
Avoid me, befoul me
You want to roast me
Put me in your oven
I step on pressure cookers daily
You want to roast me
You want to roast all the dudes my age
When we become shoveled ashes for you to dance upon
who will you find to roast next?
Tell me more
I will show you ovens demand fuel
Who will you roast when you reach my age
Fires are thirsty they need asses after
my old ass gets roasted
Prepare for your search, your hunt for purity
I have the means for you to forget me
It’s cheaper than you think

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trying to figure how Sean Spicer envisions a Holocaust Center

It's still Autism Awareness Month, or Autism Awareness Day, ten days later.

We hear most about the Autism Moms and how fierce their advocacy is, which is great and to be commended.

We occasionally hear the same about Autism Dads. Once in awhile.

We never, ever hear about the Autism Step-parent.

The person who knowingly gets into a situation of absolute crazy.

The person who raises a child that is not his/her own as their own, even with the uncertainty, challenges and evil looks from the child.

The person who cleans up teenage shit, stays up into the wee hours and more.

The person who also tolerates the energetic singing at all hours day and night.

I have one of these amazing people in my life and I cannot thank her enough.

I also know two other guys in this situation. Tim and Terry, cheers!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Reaccomodating social media

I’m not even sure if I’m aging out properly anymore. I’m not part of anyone’s demographic, unless something financial is needed from me. Unless there is a form of media I’m supposed to commit a ridiculous amount of time to, and remember, I do not have much time left. And for most of what I see, in preview clicks, it was better the first time around. And I saw that already, before you did.

Well before you did.

Is autism awareness day over? Is it still autism awareness month? How do I know what day it is without seeing the virtue signals?

When I got home today I noticed a dead squirrel on the front lawn. Having a new lawn service start tomorrow so I had to take care of it because I did not want to spring it on the new guy. I’m really, really squeamish about dead mammals and handling them but I got shovel and a beer box and managed to get the carcass in the box without puking. While carrying it to the garbage I nearly had a panic attack. Took awhile for breathing to return to normal.

As I write this, there is a large amount of hatred going the way of an airline who dragged a passenger off of a flight for not volunteering to give up his seat for one of their employees. Seems the airline overbooked and the employees had to work in the destination city the next day. I’’m trying to figure out what the CEO of the airline meant when he said, “reaccomodate the passengers.” Is dragging them out of the plane, not under their own power a form of reaccomodation? It’s perfectly peachy company policy to do this to a paying customer because the airline overbooked its flight, again?

Business, government, the dude troll on twitter, just do things now days because they can. With no recourse. No one to answer to but their own sorry selves, and we keep buying the tickets and reelecting them. I’m fed up with the lot of it all right now.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Akai Hana did not pop out at me

Been ill most of the week, a lingering malaise of various internal organs. Each day I last about a half hour further before a quick fade out that leads into not being able to fall asleep.

At least the taxes are done. After all the financial changes of the past year we had them done professionally and what a relief. Total piece of mind, even if we owed.

It's still autism awareness month, right? Am I still aware? I'll find out more tomorrow afternoon.

It seems Brew Dog have sold a chunk of themselves to a capital firm. Looks like that's how they're going to fund the hotel on the Canal Winchester property. Things are getting weird now that the punk founders are multi-millionaires.

All of this could be a moot point if this administration starts blowing up more than runways.

April is national poetry month too. The less said about my writing, the better.

Instead of continuing, it might be time to get into that strawberry parfait.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A day I'd rather talk about the Instant Pot

Blue's a nice color. It's a color in the Mets uniform and they start the season tomorrow. My Son is halfway between 14 and 15 and has never been to a baseball game. He shows no interest in it when it's on TV, but he loves the episode of Dora the Explorer when she plays baseball. Maybe Dora can catch for the Mets, she may stay healthier than d'Arnauld? He watches that episode of Dora on his iPad all the time. I know because he turns the volume up full blast and gets angry when I turn it down. He does not understand the concept if you do not turn it down I will take it from you because I did that and he did not care. Putting duct tape over the speaker was a temporary solution, but his therapist at school was not able to hear the apps she's using so it had to come off.

When I was his age the Mets manager was a guy named Joe Torre and they lost 96 games. Loss was a big part of my childhood. I do not know how my Son feels about his childhood. His main reply when I ask him a question is the word, "Sad."

This inspires little confidence in my parenting.

The Mets winningest pitcher in 1978 was Nino Espinosa. He won 11 and lost 15. He was traded to the Phillies the next season for Richie Hebner (who did squat for the Mets) and Jose Moreno (who did even less). Espinosa had his best year with the Phillies when he won 14 games. He lost effectiveness, was not on the post season roster when the Phillies won the World Series in 1980 and was out of the league a year later. He died of a heart attack on Christmas Eve, 1987. He was 34 years old.

I do get asked about how my Son is doing frequently. He is probably healthy, not capable of letting us know if he is sick, has pain in his mouth or gut. He can now let himself out of the car and knows how to open the hatch of my Volkswagen. Those two tasks were easy to teach. There's an app he uses to let people know his name and other life details that he uses. He usually urinates in the toilet but still defecates in his diaper over 90 percent of the time. When he does poop in the toilet the size of the movement is about the size of a burrito. The colon and sphincter are amazing things.

April is autism awareness month, I've known this for more than a decade. Seen the hashtags, social media posts, have lost months of sleep because of a child who stays up late, then wakes up singing three hours later, and refuses to go back to sleep for another couple of hours.

Sleep deprivation due to having an autistic child is a real thing. Does that get a hashtag? An awareness color or ribbon? A special brand of coffee?

Tomorrow, for the Mets, is opening day. A time of hope. A time to perhaps take care of unfinished business and win the World Series for the first time in 31 years.

Tomorrow is another day in the life of my Son. He will get out of bed around 6AM to eat his breakfast and I will take him to his Mother's about half an hour later so she can bring him to school. We do not know how he will sleep tonight. I will pick him up from school a bit after three and bring him home with me. When he gets home he will take off his coat and shoes then will go upstairs to use the toilet. I will not have to prompt him to do these things. He knows. Then he will take a yogurt (Yoplait, French Vanilla, no other flavor he can read the label) out of the fridge and eat. I will find some peas, fruit, a Hormel Compleats dinner and blend them all (not together) to prep for his dinner and school lunch. He has never eaten a cookie, hamburger, hot dog or Coca Cola. Textures in food repulse him.

Maybe he will defecate in the toilet, but more often he will not. Maybe he will fall asleep at a decent hour and make it last through the night. Maybe he'll have a future in which he can be slightly independent. Maybe there will be funding for services for adults with autism as there will be so many of them in the decades to come. Maybe we can get some foresight do deal with a major social problem that is unstoppable.

Maybe the Mets will win tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Throw me a line, I'm sinking fast

I got into the Roxy Music scene as late as possible. Avalon was the first record of theirs I really came to love, of course it was their last studio release. Bryan Ferry would continue his diverse solo career and would occasionally tour. A large tour was rare for him in the United States. To come to Ohio, let alone Columbus was something he had not done in the 27 years I've lived here so I jumped at the chance to see him when tickets went on sale.

After 2016, you want to see your musical heroes when you get the chance.

The show started off sounding muddy, with the bass overwhelming the sound. I heard one or two people yell out, "kill the bass!" between songs. They had a point. After about 45 minutes the sound issue was cleared up.

Ferry was still shuffling about the stage. Good energy for a man who is over seventy. I was not expecting any high leg kicks, so that was all good. He can't hit the high notes as well, but he settled in a decent lower tone. His stage presence is on point. His fashion, impeccable.

The light show was one of the best I've seen, my iPhone could not do it justice.

The canon was deeply represented, a lot of the first Roxy Music record was played live. Rare stuff so I'm told. The band was smoking hot. All worth the thirty five year wait.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

That's when I reach for my Macallan

Looking at where I was ten years ago, Jesus how did I get out of it in one piece? I've said that many times, and am projecting it all to the country now. When do the flames start? Will they signify an ending, or new beginning?

The transfer of power has been peaceful and stable, until this one. Every day another boondoggle of half truths, lies and obfuscation. All to keep control on the populace, that would be us.

So I dip into the 12 year old stock in the cabinet. Realize I'm more secure on paper than any time in my life. And wonder if I will ever sleep right again.

She calls me Dear

I'm trying to figure out the time frame of how she wants to scam me!


I am Mrs.Ruth Cousin I am a US citizen, 58 years Old. I reside here in New Braunfels Texas. My residential address is as follows. 108 Crockett Court. Apt 303, New Braunfels Texas, United States, am thinking of relocating since I am now rich. I am one of those that took part in the Compensation in west Africa many years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $79,000 while in the USA, trying to get my payment all to no avail And they always stopped my funds with one reason or the ord/er.

So I decided to travel with my Son to WASHINGTON D.C with all my compensation documents, And I was directed by the (F B I) Director to contact Mr.Bailey Wallace, who his a representative of the ( F B I ) and a member of the COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE, currently in Ada Michigan. And I contacted him and he explained everything to He took me to the paying bank for the claim of my Compensation payment. Right now I am the most happiest woman on earth because I have received my compensation funds of $15, Million Us Dollars Moreover, Mr.Bailey Wallace, showed me the full information of those that are yet to receive their payments and I saw your name as one of the beneficiaries, and your email address, that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people, they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you. I will advise you to contact Mr.Bailey Wallace.

I will advise you to contact Mr.Bailey Wallace directly today on the
information below to know if he can help you too.

Name:Mr.Bailey Wallace

note: am sending you this email because of the love I have for you and for all those innocent people been scammed day by day, by various scam artist claming to be with there fund, You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you and telling you that your fund is with them, it is not in anyway with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing.

The only money I paid after I met Mr.Bailey Wallace was just $220 for the Ownership Paper Works, take note of that.

Once again stop contacting those people, I will advise you to contact Mr.Bailey Wallace so that he can help you to deliver your fund instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking for different kind of money to complete your transaction.

Thank You and Be Blessed.

Mrs.Ruth Cousin
108 Crockett Court.
Apt 303, New Braunfels Texas

Sunday, March 19, 2017

He was like Lou Reed to me

How can you not like Chuck Berry?

The music that is.

The birth of so many riffs came from his guitar strings. His influence on rock music, heck, music, is undeniable.

Definitely one of the greats. He earned and deserves all the accolades and more.

As a musician.

His flaws as a human being, and he had them, too, are there. You can look them up.

Ninety was a long run.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Not angry, just lost

When I buy Irish Whiskey, and it’s rare that I do, it’s Bushmill’s. This gets people up in arms about Protestant Whiskey and a beverage being problematic. And I hear this from people who are not Irish.

Oh the dissonance.

I do not like the taste of Jameson’s, is that a crime? And I’m not going to buy a Whiskey called Michael Collins. Might as well have one of those Irish Car Bomb shooters to go along with it.

My Mother’s maternal Grandmother and Grandfather were both Polish immigrants who came over in the early 20th century.

My Mother’s paternal Great-Great Grandparents both came over from Ireland in the late 19th century.

My paternal Grandfather’s Mother emigrated from England in the late 19th century.

My paternal Grandfather’s Great Grandfather emigrated to the United States from Ireland in the mid 19th century.

My paternal Grandmother’s family history is filled with mysteries but with some certainty I can say her Grandparents were from Ireland and emigrated here in the late 19th century.

How much Irish Soda Bread should be in my house today?

I can take or leave Guinness Stout and have one or two a year, but not today.

How much Americanized distance is there between me and my ancestors from 1850-2017?

Here I am now, closer to my so called roots to Suffolk County, New York, Western New York State and Columbus, Ohio than to any of the olde countries any members of my family lived. I am closer to Fall River, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, Astoria, Greenpoint than Derry, Dublin, Libniki, Baba or Clitheroe. Maybe it’s one large disconnect between my brain and the world?

If others want to hoist one for St. Patrick, wear Kelly Green and shamrocks, fill their bellies with corned beef and cabbage (which I loathe) so be it. I might just break out some Van Morrison and drink a Four String Big Star instead.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Like Father, Like Son, Think About It

My Son will not eat solid food, but he will bite his nails. I guess this is a genetic trait. He may like high school more than I did, but he is not saying.

News may be breaking about tax returns and who controls wikileaks, but the wrong people are doing the shouting and getting heard. Who gave roger stone and his bowler valuable air time?

What news has diminished to. Sadly, the entertainment draws numbers, which draws corporate ads, which fuels the pump.

Liar. Scream. Repeat.

After many months I did get my official Equity Punk Card from Brewdog, making me an official something. And I renewed my AAA membership so maybe there is hope in me that we have another year left. Possibly until the end of April, 2018, when my membership expires. After then, all bets off the table?

We're having a wild year for all the wrong reasons, although there is a trip to Vegas actually booked and paid up.

What are we going to be flying into?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Strawberry Switchblade has a Smiths number of three

All Pandora stations lead to The Smiths, it's a matter of when.

Columbus and Central Ohio, go out this month and support Holler, 31 days of Black Art in Columbus. It's an unprecedented event. Check the list, there are 19 days left to take part.

No, I still have not watched a single episode of The Wire despite enormous pressure from tastemakers.

However, after years of foursquare taunting, I am headed to Las Vegas later this year.

Funny, when you say you're going someplace how people always chime in with what you should do when you're there because it is what they would do, and you must, or you are going to miss out on something. At the end of the day, probably not.

Then again. Hey, I'm watching X program on TV right now and it's great.

Yes, but you have not watched The Wire yet, have you, commie?

And so it goes.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I do like the meatball sandwich at Gallo's on Riverside Drive

It's been all internet spam here because it's overwhelming out there right now. If you are capable of reading this, you already know about the political climate of this country, and the world for that matter.

Bullet points just are not cutting it for me right now. Twitter threads that people say are important and must scrolls become redundant - in the way you have to sign into get in line at the Spectrum once Time Warner cable customer service office.

After 27 years I finally quit Time Warner in favor of another company. I originally wanted to go with another cable company, but after promising me a weekend installation time they backed out and we could not even agree on a late afternoon installation.

So here we are now.

Just got back from a Blue Jackets victory. They are one point from the franchise high in points with 92 points. There are sixteen games to play. What an incredible season this team is finally having.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Another new tactic

My Name is Rose Modupe an orphan, I gave birth to twins 2 boys but I ve' decided to give them up for adoption because I can't take care of them. If you are ready to adopt them or anyone of the babies, please reply back so we can start the paper work and adoption fees.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Short and to the point, he wants to adopt me

Esteem Greeting, I'm Jeffrey Berman and an 63-years-old widower. I have just been informed by my doctor that I only have few months to live due to cancer illness and I am about to end the race like this without a child. I decided to donate $8,500,000 US Dollars to you to promote charity works. Please reply me for more details on this noble project of mine.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Really, really digging the name used here.

Good Day to you My Dear friend,

I am Mrs.Rachel H. Dolezal, I am a US citizen, 59 years Old. I reside here in Jacksonville Florida. My residential address is as follows. 11287-5 Estancia Villa Cir, Jacksonville, FL, 32246, United States, am thinking of relocating since I am now rich, I am one of those that took part in The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC Oil Compensation award payment in Africa many years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over US$26,000 while in the US, trying to get my payment all to no avail.

So I decided to travel down to the office of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC with all my compensation documents, AS I where been directed by the ( F B I) Director and US homeland security to contact and meet Barrister George Alex, who is a member of NNPC COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE and representative of the NNPC Oil Compensation award payment here in United States, so I contacted Barrister George Alex and he explained everything to me. He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake.

He took me to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC paying bank for the claim of my Compensation payment. Right now I am the most happiest woman on earth because I have received my compensation funds of $18.5 Million United States Dollar, Moreover,Barrister George Alex, showed me the full information of those that are yet to receive their payments and I saw your Name and email address as one of the beneficiaries, that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people, they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you. I will advise you to contact Barrister George Alex. You have to contact him directly on this information below.

Name : Barrister George Alex(Esq)
Office Telephone: +176-0592-0436

You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you and telling you that your fund is with them, it is not in anyway with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing.

The only money I paid after I met Barrister George Alex was just US$585 for the paper works, take note of that.

As soon as you contact him he will send you the payment information which you are to use in sending the payment to him in order for him to obtain the needed document from the court of law so that your fund can be transfer to you without any delay just the way mine was being transfer to me.

Send him the following details if you know you are ready to have your FUNDS so that as soon as he receive your information he will send to you the payment details for sending him the US$585 that is needed for him to get the document that is needed to make the transfer a successful one and that is that only payment i pay to Barrister George Alex and he help me in making sure that my funds is been transferring to me and i most say that you have to contact him so that he will help you the way he help me to Get my FUNDS without any further payment.

Fill Out the information to him if you are ready to get your FUNDS

Your Full Name:...............
Direct Phone:....................
Your Full Home Address:....................

Once again stop contacting those people, I will advise you to contact Barrister George Alex who is here in United States so that he can help you to Deliver your fund instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking for different kind of money to complete your transaction.

Thank You and Be Blessed.

Mrs.Rachel H. Dolezal.
11287-5 Estancia Villa Cir,
Jacksonville, FL, 32246e, FL, 32246

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Visit to Brewdog USA

Brewdog USA's taproom in Canal Winchester opened yesterday to long waits, which is why we decided to go today.

The Taproom is much bigger than we expected, with plenty of seating, large garage style windows that will open up to even more seating and a patio when the weather gets warmer.

The brewery itself is not functioning yet so the Brewdog product was all brought in from Scotland with six more local beers to fill out the list.

The food was decent. I had a burger, my Scottish Wife had a chicken sandwich. Both were tasty and reasonably priced. Service was friendly, but seemed a bit worn out after the initial crush, which is fair. It was busy, but not quite full when we arrived but when we left there were people waiting. They're going to be busy. One real good thing, no TV screens. I think this is a company policy as neither of the Brewdog bars in Glasgow have screens.

Overall it seems like a fun and festive place to go. It's only 25 minutes from where we live. I'm still more excited about what happens when they start making and selling their own here. As an Equity Punk, my investment has to be tried frequently.

Monday, February 6, 2017

A new twist, a Samsonite twist

Attn: Consignor.

This is the UN audit unit of Miami International Airport (MIA). All forfeited and false declared Consignments are deposited herein the restricted bonded warehouse for auditing. On routine investigation, I discovered this forfeited consignment with your name on the bill of entry. On an extensive inspection the Value of the cash stuffed consignment was not declared but assumed approximately 10Millionusd. The Consignment was forfeited because of false declaration by the Consignee and the delivery officers' inability to pay the Non Inspection fee (NI). The Consignment was originally declared as personal effect while the real content is cash money.

The details on the consignment tagged is:

Wheels: 4 wheels
Handles: Trolley handle with top & side handles
Approximate Dimensions: Height: 3.20 ft, Width: 2.50 ft, Depth: 1.90 ft.
Weight: 250.22 lbs.

I solicit your acceptance to use my position to clear and deliver this Consignment to you on condition that I will be compensated after receipt. Indicate your acceptance by forwarding:

1. Your Full Name.
2. Home phone & Cell Phone
3. Home delivery address.
4. Airport Closest to you.
5. Any form of Identification either Drivers license or International Passport.

All communication must be private and encrypted because we are under the watchful eye of the security agents. Once the clearance is completed I will deploy the service of a secured dispatch company that will deliver to your doorstep.

Reply through my private email:

Robert Russell.
UN Audit Officer.

Season of Alt-Sundays

Last year around this time, I said that I was giving up watching football for a year. With yesterday’s Super Bowl now history, which I did not watch, I have.

Sure, I clicked on a few headlines, watched a few clever GIFs, saw a lot of social media updates and was at a party where the Big Ten Championship was on a 65” screen so it could not be ignored - that was the only half I watched. I know Ohio State lost two games. They lost two games, right? I know the Bills were average and that Rex Ryan was fired. It seems the Pegulas need some help in running a franchise and Doug Whaley is not the answer. That’s just an opinion I had before I stopped watching.

I did not miss it, and still do not. I do shout when Lukaku scores four goals in a game or when the Blue Jackets win. I do not miss a completed pass. I do think about athletes with CTE. I do not miss Roger Goodell’s face.

Maybe this will be the Mets year!

There is no real reason for me to start watching football again.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ban banning

The road to immigrating to the United States is a process, a world I am familiar with. There is paperwork, money that has to be paid, photocopying of documents, waiting, vetting, more paperwork, more money and waiting. If you do not check the right box, your process is delayed. You wait more, and this happened with a country we have a special relationship with. It is more difficult from a country that we are not on friendly relations with. So when legal immigrants, any legal immigrants are detained at the border - it's wrong. Full stop. The executive order is wrong. The walls this administration are building inside and out are wrong.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I want to fly away

Give me your tired, your poor, your hungry I'll piss on 'em. That's what the statue of bigotry says

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Write it down!

Been going in on Ancestry the past couple of weeks. Got over 300 names in the tree and there are still more to go. At the point where I'm scanning some photos and putting them in individual profiles.

This could be Jennie, Mable, Evelyn or Mary. I'm not certain. Why? Because there is no indication anywhere on the picture who it is, and anyone who can identify here is probably dead. If I were to guess it's either Evelyn or Mary, but I cannot be 100 percent right.

Pro tip. Write something on the back of the damn picture!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sure, call me an idealist

Piggybacking on one of Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign planks for his ill-fated presidential run, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed making two and four year state college tuition free for state residents with a family income of less that $125,000. This impacts tens of thousands of students. Now, there has not been an explanation of how this will be paid for, but this is a major policy that is being discussed.

While I no longer think everyone should go to college, I'm seeing a lot of people struggle with the costs of college education. I graduated college thirty years ago and had a debt of about $10,000. Total. And it was hard to pay off. Students now are graduating with a debt many times what I had and it would be great for them to have that type of debt relief.

There were comments of people wanting their student loans reimbursed now that this may happen. Why? Because someone is getting something you did not? I thought as a society we were supposed to progress, not punch down or regress when others have any form of success. I always thought we were supposed to leave the room a bit nicer looking than when we left it, and this policy could certainly accomplish that. We worked hard. Now others do not have to. Is that a horrible achievement? Or are people going to be mad because they did not get theirs?

Selfishness is not something people learned at my college, SUNY Fredonia, whose motto is, "To learn, to search, to serve." It must have been in them all along.