Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reading and repairs

The number of books that I read to my son has now increased to a rotation of four. He lines them up on the floor, and when he decides to put them away he takes them, one at a time, to the bookshelf. We've been in the house a lot because the weather has been extremely cold. There's been a lot of reading.

Last week was only a two day school week with President's Day and two days cancelled due to cold. I'm sure next week will have at least one cold day. Temperatures have been below zero in the morning.

After swimming last week I was driving home in a light snow on a side street and hit a patch of ice. I was only doing about 15-20 miles per hour and slammed into the curb tire first. I knew I knocked the car out of alignment and managed to limp the short distance home. There I saw the tire had some chunks chopped out but it was not flat, yet. Limped to a repair shop that is open on Saturdays and hoped for the best, which did not quite happen. Needed a center arm and ball joint, which they could not get that day, in addition to the alignment so we had no car last weekend.

Picked up the car Monday afternoon, after waiting for the bus downtown in some freezing cold weather and was told the rim on the tire was bent, but they moved it to the rear so the car is drivable. Had to cancel a reading in Pittsburgh after getting the bill and have to make arrangements to get a new rim next week.

Today we had about half a foot of snow, which is equivalent to two feet in just about any other northern city. Roads were a mess. The temperature did get above freezing for most of the afternoon so the heat pump activated. I had to pour water on the blades to get some of the snow off as the fans were not moving. I also noticed this.

Steam freezes into interesting shapes, eh?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Enjoy this video of otters and penguins.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Funny things are everywhere

When he's not awake after 4-5 hours of sleep at 3-4 in the morning my son is usually quite sweet. The teenage years are here even though he's 12. The fun of puberty has arrived and no one is really ready to deal with it.

At least there's Dr. Seuss to keep shit real.

Recently I began reading Green Eggs and Ham to him and I have him participating with a quiet "Sam-I-Am" at the appropriate moments. He brings me the book now, says "Book" and I try to get more out of him, like "Read" or "Read Daddy" when he's more engaged. It works, and it helps with my performance.

I've also brought out One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish for something different. It's a much longer book and I have him saying "Dr. Seuss" when I read the title page to him.

As a cataloger I have to read the title page. It's a part of my life.

There is some funny stuff in One Fish... and I enjoy reading it. The rhyming reminds me a lot like Rick from Writers Block.

There is a lot of the book that I admit to freely reading in Rick's style. He is the Essence of Poetry, after all.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Always hungry for vigilance

It was great to see local food truck Ray Ray's Hog Pit get some national attention in an Esquire article that called it, "some of the best damn ribs in the country."

Where Josh Ozersky, the author of the article fell short was in the tone of the piece. Ozersky was recently in town for a James Beard presentation and he spent some time with Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. I'd like to know how a line like, "it's a truck in a random parking lot in a city considered dull even by some Ohioans," came to be? Columbus may be dull to idiots from, say, Cleveland. We may be a bit thin skinned when we get dissed for no reason, but dull? Nah.

The praise of Ray Ray's is very much deserved. The food is worth it. Obviously Ozersky did not have much other time to explore the city otherwise the article's closing line of, "a city that barely knows what barbecue is," would not have been typed.

Over four years ago, food writer Michael Rulhman appeared on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. With wide eyes he appeared amazed to be having world class Japanese food in Columbus. After a lot of internet comment, including my own, Ruhlman changed his mind about this "Land of Applebees" as he called it. I'm hoping with some well intentioned reason that Ozersky can reach the correct conclusion.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A few short takes and two wakes

I really hope that 2015 does not turn out to be the Year of the Wake. Tomorrow will be the second in two weeks. My neighbor died a couple of weeks ago, she was 86 and in frail health. Yesterday, a former colleague from the Statehouse died. As you get older I guess you meet more people and the chances of them dying increase. No one said this is what happens when you age. I've family and friends struggling with all kinds of diseases right now. Me? I'm just tired from lack of sleep and have a kid that stays in his shell and we can't get him out of it.

Today we found out that Harper Lee will be publishing a new book later this year. This news was received with a lot of positivity, especially from the book industry who can use a new blockbuster. After a bit of time more than a few recent articles about Lee and her health were released and rehashed. Not much of it good. I just hope that this book is being issued with Lee's full consent and knowledge and she was not forced or tricked into it due to her age.

Still trying to figure out what the Hell Pete Carroll was thinking when he sent in that pass play that led to an interception to end a very dramatic Super Bowl on Sunday. I get that he may want to pass, but what the heck was the slant pass over the middle at the one all about. Call a fade to one of your receivers. Throw over the middle to the tight end in the back of the end zone. But it went into traffic and the New England defensive back picked it off. Then again, Carroll will always have at least one more Super Bowl ring than me, so what do I know?

Saturday is another Super Bowl as Everton take on their arch nemesis, Liverpool. The Toffees have been struggling this year and are languishing in the lower parts of the table while Liverpool are doing a bit better. I hope it's better than last Sunday's match between Celtic and the club that may still be known as Rangers (but now have a bit of Newcastle in them). That match was a horror show of poor soccer and a crappy pitch.

The new Belle and Sebastian is great to listen to, as is the Sleater Kinney. We're seeing B&S here in June and are excited about that. The Dylan is, um, his Christmas album of Sinatra covers. I'll leave it there.