Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where can I get some Huntly F.C. Swag?

An interesting afternoon at work. Vice President Biden was in town and gave a speech at the union hall just across the street and down the road from my building. A couple of hours before he was scheduled to arrive, the police were out and getting set up to lock down the street.

As the time got near, protesters showed up, more police came and roadblocks were put out.

A few of my coworkers were outside, waiting to see the motorcade. How many time in your life do you get to see a political motorcade? I waited awhile. And waited. Then went back to my desk after hearing one of the police officers mention they were stopping for lunch and would be delayed. Naturally, after I waited a few minutes then went back to the exit, the motorcade showed up. I got this picture of the end of it.

He was trailed by what looked like every motorcycle police officer in the city. These guys took a break while Biden gave his speech.

This was right about the time I was scheduled to leave and pick up my son. The street was blocked though. So I got in touch with my son's mother and told her what the Vice President was doing. She understood and went to pick him up from day camp. Turns out, I got out just a little bit late because the police officer was cool about letting people leave or come in who needed to. He told me to hurry before he got word the VP was back on the move, I did so and everyone was safe.

For dinner tonight we went to a fancy downtown hotel for the Arts Festival Thank You dinner. It was a well done event with a lot good cheer and thanks. I introduced the director to my wife. He detected a Scottish accent and he was off about the town in Scotland that is named after his ancestors. Turns out, my wife's mother's family is from that area and worked at the post office of the town. There's a very good chance his relatives and my wife's relations had many business transactions and other typical village doings together. It's a very small world.

The director called up all the committee chairs to give a little speech after dinner. He asked me to come up. I did not expect that! Did not embarrass myself though. Said some heartfelt thank yous and handed the mic back to him.

I cleaned up during the raffle. Won a pair of tickets to a Columbus Crew game. After all the prizes were handed out we were asked to look at the bottom of our chairs. There was nothing under mine, but there was a sticker underneath the empty seat next to me. Ended up with a gift card to a Cameron Mitchell restaurant. Score!

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