Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cleaned out organ, clean bill of health

The worst part of getting a colonoscopy is the preparation. The items you have to ingest to clear the system, and in a competitive eating time frame, is rather vile. Plus having to ingest the last half of said items six hours before the procedure, which in my case was at three in the morning - is a rather taxing process. You can't eat anything solid either, and chicken bouillon cubes suck.

This, combined with my son waking up at two in the morning and not going back to sleep, made it all a very cranky time. The liquid melotonin works as erratically as my son's sleep patterns.

The people and staff at the OSU Medical Center were all very cool. From the volunteer who walked us to where we needed to be to the doctor who did the procedure, all professional.

I remember nothing about the procedure. I was on some seriously good drugs, if it was propofol, damn, I get why someone could get addicted to that. In the room I saw the screen, the wire they used wrapped up in sealed bags on the wall. Last thing I remember was them asking to take my glasses off and I said to not lose them. One of the nurses talked about my frames being cool, I told her to not look through them. She said she did not need glasses anymore. I asked if she had lasik surgery and that was it.

Not sure when I woke up in recovery, but my lovely wife was there. I was a bit woozy but do not think I said or did anything overly odd. I did ask several times if everything was alright. The doctor came in, said everything was ok and told me to come back in ten years. The nurse asked if I wanted to go and I said to give me about ten minutes, this is rare for me. I usually want out of a hospital room as soon as possible. She came back, and then I was ready to head out.

By this time I was quite hungry and bought a Hershey bar at the gift shop. Our ride came and we stopped at Rally's on the way home. Yes. Rally's. Did I say how hungry I was?

Got home and napped the rest of the afternoon, then found out about Robin Williams and here we are.

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