Sunday, October 19, 2014

Super sub reads again

It's rare when I get asked to do a feature outright instead of being a substitute when there's a cancellation, but I'll usually take the gig.

Such was the case yesterday when I was asked to read in the Borderlands: Poetry on the Edge series in Mansfield. My feature partner was Fred Kirchner, a fine poet from Dayton.

This was my first time in the city and I was impressed with the mix and signage on the block Main Street Books is on.

The bookstore itself is quite cool, there's a loft where events are held that overlooks the shop.

Fred and I compliment each other very well, and we had a good time appreciating the sign outside of the store that promoted our reading.

I went on first, and here's the set list.

It was an old book
Divorced, with special needs
From the streets of the under served
318 feet from home plate
After Birth
David's rock
Is gun
The wine list of the Overlook Hotel

It was a small, but attentive crowd that really appreciated the work, and had some good poems of their own. Thought I did a decent job, and the work was very well received. Was asked if I had any chapbooks, which I sadly do not. That's rather pathetic. I should have something to offer. Just not interested in the labor of stapling something together. I'd rather go the self publishing route of createspace or lulu than work a photocopier. Reality is publishers are not knocking on my door.

Mansfield is definitely a trip I'd take again,  maybe I'll ride the carousel.

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