Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Funny things are everywhere

When he's not awake after 4-5 hours of sleep at 3-4 in the morning my son is usually quite sweet. The teenage years are here even though he's 12. The fun of puberty has arrived and no one is really ready to deal with it.

At least there's Dr. Seuss to keep shit real.

Recently I began reading Green Eggs and Ham to him and I have him participating with a quiet "Sam-I-Am" at the appropriate moments. He brings me the book now, says "Book" and I try to get more out of him, like "Read" or "Read Daddy" when he's more engaged. It works, and it helps with my performance.

I've also brought out One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish for something different. It's a much longer book and I have him saying "Dr. Seuss" when I read the title page to him.

As a cataloger I have to read the title page. It's a part of my life.

There is some funny stuff in One Fish... and I enjoy reading it. The rhyming reminds me a lot like Rick from Writers Block.

There is a lot of the book that I admit to freely reading in Rick's style. He is the Essence of Poetry, after all.

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