Monday, May 25, 2015

Trip to Gem City

Yesterday took us to Dayton, where I was the featured reader for the Gem City Poetry Stage. Their venue is in a combination beauty parlor and Buddhist Worship Center and I enjoyed the duality of the place.

It was a pleasure to be there, and to meet people I had only known through the internet. There was even an energetic five year old running around, felt like home! Here are the set lists, for record keeping.

Pantoum for a Child with Insomnia
From the Streets of the Underserved
Emaciated Compassion
Son, Sport, Sestina
My Great Uncle and His Inventory of Effects
After Birth
All Time, None of the Time

Do Not Talk to Me About Lunch
Run Away From Time
Redhead at Gallery Hop
West Side Passion Play
Is Gun
318 Feet From Home Plate
The Wine List of the Overlook Hotel

Always great to hang out after for a drink at a very cool neighborhood bar just steps from the venue. Nice job Dayton, and thanks. They also have a good soul station (98.7) that took us some of the way back to Columbus.

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