Saturday, June 6, 2015

Coming this summer to a street corner in Columbus

I’m very honored, flattered, humbled and All Of The Things to have been asked to be a part of the Sign Your Art project in Columbus.

Sign Your Art is a street art project that will have 64 local artists work displayed across the city along with the work of residents who will be producing their work at the Columbus Arts Festival next weekend.

All of the work is on a 6x8” wood tile and there’s going to be some very diverse work. I’m kind of nervous about this because I know some of the artists involved and their work is stunning. I’m just a mere poet putting my work out there.

Can’t you feel my confidence bulging off the screen?

When I got my tile I was told to expect for my work to possibly be stolen, which is hilarious to me! In any case, it’s probably going to get wiped out by the first good rainstorm that comes through.

Yes, it’s on paper and I had quite the experience with Modge Podge. Luckily, my wife talked me off the ledge. She also helped out with the image so it’s partly her work too.

You can see the work at the Sign Your Art station at the festival, which is a bit of a delicious irony for me. I’ll post the area where it’s going to be displayed as soon as I find out so you can steal it.

Stephanie Rond and Catherine Bell Smith are the brains behind this project, and it’s going to be one of the coolest exhibits of the year.

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