Tuesday, September 8, 2015

All of the screens

Still working on how to best utilize social media. It’s hard to reduce the massive time suck that it has become. I have been using FB Purity to lessen a lot of the clutter and for the most part is has been a success. Doing less hate reading as well, which keeps the blood pressure down.

A couple of weeks ago there was a culling of about 15-20% of my Facebook contacts list. These are people who I never had any real interaction with, nor I with them so what’s the point? I think one person noticed and sent me a friend request, which I approved - and neither of us have acknowledged each other since. Again, what’s the point?

I have no idea how people manage thousands of contacts. Sure there’s a lot of filtering involved I get that, but when does a person with over 4,000 contacts get to actually interact with all of them? Do they treat it like a giant Rolodex from the olden days? Sure it’s great to have a lot of contacts. You never know when you can help a person and they you, and people are going to use the application differently I know. Personally, I need a bit more back and forth - and to control my social media content and not have it control me.

All this scrolling takes away the time I could be writing, reading, goofing off with my kid, talking to my wife, watching a decent movie, fixing the gate in the backyard - something else. Even this inane little blog post feels better to accomplish than clicking like. It is something that has been actively completed.

Now, to see what those four new tweets are all about.


s_baghaii said...

Even though Malcolm Gladwell is terrible, I think the thing in the Tipping Point about how people can only remember about 150 people is fairly true so I think contacts over that number are excessive. That said, I follow almost 400 people on Twitter, but I would say very few of them actually post regularly.

I am finding blog interaction to be mostly dead.

Someone Said said...

I agree with you on Gladwell concerning both of your points. I still have about 350 contacts on FB and who knows how many of them are essential. Same with Twitter. I do not treat contact numbers as a popularity contest.

My blog gets few comments, thank you for being one of them.