Sunday, January 10, 2016

If I had a billion dollars

Lottery fever is happening across the United States this week. No one picked all the powerball numbers on Saturday night so the 900 million dollar jackpot goes up to 1.3 billion dollars.

I had no numbers in Saturday's drawing. My $10 idiot tax is paid.

So the dreaming big begins again until the next drawing. Aside from take care of my son's needs for the rest of his life I have modest billion dollar goals. My Wife would live in the lifestyle she would desire. Charitable trusts would be established.

What would I do with a Ferrari or Rolls Royce? Seriously, too much maintenance. Even if you can afford that car you need a full time mechanic to look after the fleet.

I'd probably get a modest Mazda. A vehicle that would not draw attention to myself.

Ah who am I kidding?

But, if this is the extravagant purchase, it would be cooler than hookers and blow. Still have no idea how to change the oil. Or if there's anyone in the area who knows how to fix the damn thing.

That car would not be a daily driver either, so I'd need a home to garage it. I figure a three car garage would be best for my needs. Or something like this. Maybe find property with a pool, a pool table, or a koi pond. Solid gold fixtures are not necessary. I saw a house in the area with a bowling alley, is that too much? How much property is too much? Sure, the audio/video system would be awesome. I'm 51 though, how big should my wine cellar be? I can't drink like I'm 32 anymore.

Ah, to have the problems a billion dollars brings.


Anonymous said...

Nice car.

My mother and brother bought tickets for Wednesday's draw. No win, no surprise.

I, too, have modest lottery winning dreams. Biggest one is a house of my own (does not need to be big), on a large chunk of land (so that I am far from my neighbours - I am hugely noise sensitive). I'd probably spend a lot of the money on caring for rescued animals, which would benefit from said huge chunk of land on which to roam.

I'd also always have a full stock of my favourite (and very pricey) soft cashew cheese. Mmmm. I'd be set for life.

- nammu

Someone Said said...

It's my type of exotic vehicle.

Cashews are just plain expensive. Maybe I'd by a cashew tree farm for my own stash.