Monday, April 11, 2016

Will these products be laundered before or after I process them?

Good day,

R&B Holdings Corp,Canadian Clothing Recyclers (CCR) specializes in the purchasing, processing and recycling
of commodity used and vintage clothing. We service a wide variety of industries: from domestic department stores,
vintage clothing boutiques in Canada and abroad, export markets throughout the world, designers seeking inspiration,
and costume departments in the film industry. We exclusively source our products bulk buying programs and based on
demand and overall quality. We hold a specific in the market in that we process the inventory of most industry
grade rag mills, yet we operate in such a manner that includes many characteristics of smaller specialized used clothing dealers.

R&B Holdings Corp have customers in Americas,Asia,Caribbean, and our customers mostly made out payments in cheque.
We hereby want your services of being our payments officer in United States,Your duty is to receive check payments
from our customers and have it cashed and your salary will be 8% of every payments received and cashed.
If interested,kindly get back to us via email below to fill out Emplyment form and resume work immediately.


Yours Sincerely,
Phillip Pearce Richard.

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