Tuesday, June 7, 2016

You can't buy time with cash

My Son started a new summer schedule with a new caregiver this week. She's watching him up in Westerville, which means I do not really see how it's going as his Mother brings him to and from there every day. She works close, so it makes sense that she does this.

The transitioning has been rather stressful. He's not happy being dropped off here and it takes him a while to settle down. Hopefully this will diminish as the summer goes along.

We got him a new bed last week, which he saw for the first time yesterday. He did not seem to be bothered by the change. He even slept in it all night without waking up. At least this bed is quieter than the last one, the frame squeaked often.

There's a new couch in the house also. We tried to get the old one out and could not. I was here when it was brought in and have no clue how the delivery guys did it. Ended up finding a saw and cut the top off the couch, then slid it all out. The new couch came without it's feet installed and the movers got it in the house with no problem.

There's a lot of movement this summer, in many ways other than travel. It's nearly impossible to plan ahead with my wife and son's schedules. So ironic that the money is there for trips, and we're immobile here. Also waiting for the title to the Hyundai to get here so I can trade it in on a new car. Maybe for my birthday next weekend?

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