Friday, November 11, 2016

I will miss Joe Biden

While watching Scotland get beat by England today, I found a few Biden memes online, and decided to make a few of my own. I did not ask permission for the pictures, so if any of them are yours let me know. I'll take it down or give you credit and thanks. Do enjoy, we need a few laughs to keep us sane right now.

Biden: I switched all the toilet paper to one ply
Obama: Fix it Joe!

Biden: Why can't I siphon the gas from his limo?
Obama: You know why.

Biden: Yes, I put in lower wattage bulbs. Is there a problem?
Obama: Joe...

Biden: What if I set the thermostat so it's really hot when they come home?
Obama: Shut the door Joe.

Biden: I bribed the Secret Service to give you the door codes.
Clinton: Just stop it, Joe

Biden: HDMI cables are expensive, I'm not leaving them here.
Obama: *eight years of this*

Biden: I like the dog, can I keep him?
Obama: The dog is mine, Joe. 

Biden: What if I put up electric sensors that would shock them if they messed with the wallpaper?
Obama: Angela, can I call you back?

Biden: I'm going to order them 50 pizzas a night, they can afford it.
Obama: ......
Biden: How about 25?

Biden/Clinton: We short sheeted the Lincoln Bedroom!
Obama: Guys....guys...

Biden: Feel how much silverware I got in here, go on...
Obama: Uhhhhhh

Biden: How am I going to get my packages from Amazon now?
Obama: Don't worry, Jill will fill out the forwarding form for you.

Biden: Can I bring my 'Vette by at 4AM to do donuts on the lawn?
Obama: For the last time, no!

Biden: Before we go can...
Obama: Plane's about to take off, got to go!

I better not see Pence eating ice cream once. I am the ice cream eating Vice President.

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