Friday, December 23, 2016

A ride to enjoy

Today for the first time in franchise history, the Columbus Blue Jackets are in first place in the Metropolitan Division. They are also tied for the lead for most points in the league. The team has games in hand on their closest opponents. The team has also won eleven games in a row and are 10-0 in the month of December.

I cannot believe I just typed those words, but they are true. You can look it up.

The franchise has talent depth, strength at all positions and gain speed as the game goes on. They are vicious in the third period. Conditioning has paid off, greatly, this season. So much of this is from the mind of coach John Tortorella. He's turned this team, and its fanbase, into believers.

Sure, they're probably not going to continue this blistering pace all season. There will come a time when questions will be asked. The difference now is that those questions will be answered, and faults fixed, before the bricks tumble.

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