Monday, February 6, 2017

Season of Alt-Sundays

Last year around this time, I said that I was giving up watching football for a year. With yesterday’s Super Bowl now history, which I did not watch, I have.

Sure, I clicked on a few headlines, watched a few clever GIFs, saw a lot of social media updates and was at a party where the Big Ten Championship was on a 65” screen so it could not be ignored - that was the only half I watched. I know Ohio State lost two games. They lost two games, right? I know the Bills were average and that Rex Ryan was fired. It seems the Pegulas need some help in running a franchise and Doug Whaley is not the answer. That’s just an opinion I had before I stopped watching.

I did not miss it, and still do not. I do shout when Lukaku scores four goals in a game or when the Blue Jackets win. I do not miss a completed pass. I do think about athletes with CTE. I do not miss Roger Goodell’s face.

Maybe this will be the Mets year!

There is no real reason for me to start watching football again.

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