Monday, November 19, 2012

A switch is on

Got the good news this morning that the online link to apply to read on the Word is Art Stage at the 2013 Columbus Arts Festival went live.

This is exciting news. It lets me know that it's time to really start promoting the event. Been working hard on getting a committee together, have some great people on it already and can always use a few more. Organizing a festival schedule is tough, but we have a few groups penciled in on Friday and Sunday.

But Saturday, this is the individual part of the Arts Festival. Over 20 poets are going to get to shine on a stage in front of a great potential audience, in a gorgeous setting on the Columbus downtown riverfront.

And here is the link to apply.

Get on this poets! I'd love to see submissions from all over, to have an incredibly deep pool of poets to select an amazing group of talent who will represent themselves on stage in June.

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