Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eyebrow Love

This morning one of the local malls had its Caring Santa program, in which they open the doors a but early for the families of special needs children who want their kids to see Santa in a quiet, uncrowded environment. We took my son last year and he seemed to enjoy himself. Today we went again, maybe for the last time as my son is ten after all!

My friend Teri's son Alex was waiting for us at the entrance all decked out in antlers. He's been living out of state for the last two years so it was a pleasant surprise hearing he's back in town for awhile.

We also talked to Teri, who was doing her part working for the mall and this morning's event. We're very appreciative that she let us know it was happening again, and we're also very happy with how well the mall handles this every year.

My son would not sit on Santa's lap again, but he went right for the body part.

He also sat down next to him, on a stool and seemed to be having a good time. This year, like last, Santa was very cool with the kids.

The mall also gave us a 5x7 picture and provided us with some donuts. Got to love the donuts. Thanks again to Teri and the staff of the Tuttle Mall for doing families of special needs children a very cool thing during the holidays.


Link said...

So why would ten be a limit for your son wanting or enjoying seeing Santa? Does that have a time limit?

Hell, I still enjoy seeing them sitting in various places. And, now that I'm a Dad, it's another mindset and viewpoint.

Someone Said said...

Wait? You're a dad, what?!?

Link said...

Yeah, that's why I've been out of things for some time. Emily and I were married back in October (very small ceremony) and I'm in the process of adopting her daughter.

Someone Said said...

Great news. congratulations!