Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little catastrophies

This week has brought so much bad news from people around me. Friends, family, acquaintances have had the worst possible things happen to them. Yes. The worst. All I can add to this is that cancer sucks.

That was just to Wednesday.

I'm not sure why I checked his Facebook page today, maybe it was something hockey related, but when I did I found out through the words of others on his wall that he had taken his own life.

I knew him online for about fourteen years. We met in thatplace, the depression newsgroup that I invested a bit of my life in during the late nineties. When Live Journal was popular we were friends over there, and Facebook as well.

He would pop in with random comments about the quality of liquor I was drinking, or give me air transport tips as that was a hobby of his. He'd send me encouraging emails or show some concern about my or my son's well being. The last email I received from him was in October, sending me a link to a site about how to keep an iPad clean.

Here's all he said, "I don't know if this will bring any utility to you, but I thought that I'd send it off just to be safe."

He had many problems and issues, both mental and physical. Now I'm thinking I did not reach out to him enough. He last commented on my Facebook in mid-November. He always showed that he cared. Even when he was ranting about Stephen Harper or Gary Bettman, he was always kind. Always Canadian.

Rest in Peace, Darren. Even though you caused some pain with that horrible act, I hope you are rid of the pain you were in.

I'm having a Glenkinchie, right now, in your memory. Slainte.


Anonymous said...

And I know he would be happy to know that you aren't drinking the "cheap stuff"! *sniffle*

Someone Said said...

He was always on me about that. More concerned with quality than quantity :)

last year's girl said...

Sorry to read this, Ed xx

Someone Said said...

Thanks Lis.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. i don't even know what to say. it's weird to wonder what is happening with people i knew from thatplace. i wandered into there on google last month and was surprised to see some familiar names. RIP darren --piglet_68

Someone Said said...

You never expect the worst, even where there have been indications in the past. Terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

Now I wonder if I knew him. Shit. So sad.

- nammu