Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maybe he'll sleep past 4AM tonight

My son's teacher emailed this afternoon to say he pooped in the toilet at school today. Might be the second time that has happened. Ever. He saved some more for me tonight, and not in the toilet. He's good at sharing.

While he was playing with my eyebrows I asked him what he saw. I prompted him by saying, "I see..."

And he said, "Sand."

If you know my eyebrows you understand how correct he is.

Five weeks from now my wife and I will be back in Scotland. I'm looking forward to getting out of here for a week, and I'm sure she is as well. She misses her sister and father, and more. It will be good to see them.

This morning tickets went on sale for the Celtic vs. Hibs match on April 6th and I scored one. My wife would have gone with me, but a friend of hers she has not seen since the wedding is coming up from Bristol so they'll have time together. This actually worked to my advantage as I was able to snag a very good single seat as two together in a non-nosebleed location would have been difficult to find. My first international match. I am excited even if it is the last game of the season and Celtic may be thirty points clear of the title.

In the meantime Arts Festival glitches are happening, and I'm doing my best to remain calm - knowing it's better that erratic stuff is happening today instead of on June 6th.

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