Saturday, February 23, 2013

This Blog Post WIll Change Your Life

If I click on that link that was posted on Facebook, it will change my life. I scroll further. Another link, same thing. What if I clicked on both links? Would my life have changed twice? Oh, there's a video I should click on. It's guaranteed to change my life. Here's a stray dog that needs medical help, would I please donate. It will change the dog's life if I did, maybe my own. Here's a couple who need money for a honeymoon. Here's someone who has a friend who is very sick and needs money. Here's a friend who needs money to start a film they're thinking of filming about taco trucks. Here's a poet who needs money. Period. If I gave to them, my life would be changed but I am not sure how. If I gave to all of them, I'd need to start a Kickstarter campaign to pay my electric bill. Do I give to the sick horse first, or the cat that has feline leukemia. How do I prioritize this? But I have to listen to this podcast first, it's important. It's all important. It has all become truth in all capital letters. People with horrible diseases are shouting at me to give them money. Social media has become late night television ads, so many have turned into Sally Struthers with a Sarah MacLachlan soundtrack. I am not calling now. I am not clicking now. I am not the hope of the hungry. It's another channel I have the power, to change. To scroll. To shut that window. To change my own life. Or turn on Netflix.

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Compassion fatigue is real. We need a telethon for it!