Sunday, April 21, 2013

Home and child ownership.

I'm having one of those days in which I feel I'm not fit to live. Of course nothing has really happened that is so dire or urgent. It's one of those days when a pile of small things add up to a big pain in the ass and a loss of confidence.

Maybe if my son had not been up since five in the morning I'd have had more sleep to handle the nonsense.

The day was going well enough, plodding along in the back room, listening to some of the vinyl I finally got organized yesterday when my wife announced an outlet in the kitchen was no longer working. This outlet is under our toilet which has been perpetually leaking and I'm pretty sure additional moisture has shorted the unit.

This would not be so bad if I had been waiting for a guy we know to fix this for some time, but he's been busy doing work that pays him more, so we're on his back burner, which I get but this happened. So we might have to find a handyman who is a bit more available with shorter notice.

Another problem is my lawn mower is being serviced and there's a expense involved with that, and the lawn is not getting any shorter. Should have the mower back in a couple of days and will get to plow through some shin high grass.

Maybe it was the mango that made me really sad. I do not know why I keep getting them, I waste most of it when I try to slice it. I know there are videos on youtube and all kinds of advice about how to properly cut a freaking mango. My blade skills are suspect though. Would you like me do to surgery on you after I watched a video? Don't think so, I've already been to urgent care after a baguette incident.

So I ruined another mango and got the youtube advice and that it's ok you write better verse than I do and all that - which is all pleasant and kind, but I wanted some God Damn mango!

Maybe I'll get one of these and quit whining!

My son only eats certain types of yogurt and he's highly suspicious of new brands. I've been giving him Yoplait in the four pack but that's been hard to find at my Kroger so I usually get him this one.

It's tough to get a spoon in and hard to get all the yogurt out. Usually I put the yogurt from this package in a dish and give it to him, he has not fussed. Tonight, I just gave him the container. He gave it a bit of side eye, but went all in and did a great job eating it all.

Sometimes it's my fear about what I think he can't do that stops me from trying anything with him. Maybe I'll give him a mango, and see what he can make from it.


last year's girl said...

Ugh, mangoes. Who wants to eat a fruit that tastes like body lotion anyway?

Someone Said said...

It's delicious lotion!