Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Open up your heart and let the Partick Swayze in

While on our trip last week we took part in a genuine UK Pub Quiz. It was at a newer bar on the west end of Glasgow called The Sparkle Horse. A friend of my wife’s owns it.

It's also the home of the now famous Partick Swayze Cocktail.

They do their quiz on Monday nights, and we were there the day Thatcher died.

Our team was my wife and I and we were happily joined by her sister and partner as we set out to conquer.

The place was packed when we got in and we were lucky to snag the last three chairs at the bar.

The quiz was run well, and they did not take themselves too seriously. We were in trouble at the start as politics was one of the first categories. And we were expected to know so and so MP won their district by how many votes in the 2011 national election? One team got it right, exactly, which makes me think the politician was on that team.

Our Joker round, the round we got double points, was literature and we aced all six questions. Emma knew about 50 Shades of Grey, I pulled out Pollynesia as the name of Doctor Dolittle’s parrot and sister in law nailed Goldeneye as Ian Fleming’s Jamaican estate. So yes, those were literature questions.

Our goal was not to suck, and we did not. There were about 20 teams playing (yes, it’s popular) and we finished in the top six or seven.

No shame. Three nations of pride!

Also in attendance and a full participant in the night’s proceedings was the lead member of a popular Scottish band that my wife admires. We were not going to approach him during the quiz as he was there with his friends and one of the other members of the band. At the end of the night though, he did come up to the bar and I introduced myself. We talked for about a minute, then my wife came over and I introduced them. I’m very happy she got to thank the guy whose music means so much to her. Sometimes you get to do that in life, and it’s important.

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