Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A step up

It's a rare day when I bring up anything work related here, but after some time, an amount of time that will not be named here, it finally happened.

A promotion!

How I found out was an odd tale of bureaucratic weirdness. I was not expecting a dove release or a singing telegram, but the normal channels would have been nice.

But it is done, and there is some joy within all the sadness and raging.

Thanks for reading.

I'm thinking of Darren now, and how he always was kind when things at my old job did not go well.

And something else I cannot call my Mom about.


marybindc said...

Congrats on the job!

I hadn't known about Darren. Very sad.

And I don't know if that "ooh, can't wait to tell x about this!" feeling ever goes away. Even after the physical ache has subsided.

Someone Said said...

Thank you Mary. Darren died in December of 2012. Odd not having him around, still.

I've been told that feeling does not go away by many, and sadly have to agree.