Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hunters and gatherers did not have to deal with corporate shelving resets

Finding food that my son will eat is always a challenge. So when we find something he does eat, and prefers to other foods it's a good thing and we try to use the foods he prefers to get him to try something new.

It can get frustrating to shop in one place when one grocery store stops carrying the food that he does eat over other products in the line. Even worse is when the manufacturer stops making that product.

This is what I fear has happened to Yoplait's Thick and Creamy line. He will always choose the vanilla over any other brand so we always try to keep that in the house. It's not at Kroger any more and when we went to Giant Eagle today, the whole line was gone. He will eat the regular vanilla, thank God, so that is something.

Giant Eagle has also stopped carrying the Hormel Compleates Macaroni and Cheese dinner, which he eats with gusto. They've also stopped carrying turkey, another one in the line he eats rather heartily. Those items are readily available at Kroger.

I did speak with the grocery manager about this. I understand he can't control what the makers of the products do, but the products that are made should be carried if they sell. He took my number and we'll see what he has to say. I'd rather get our groceries in one place, and if I have to give up fuel perks so I can get all the food my son eats in one place so be it.

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