Sunday, October 16, 2016

Revisionist discord from a rock and roll pariah

It's always hard to determine how people will react when fame comes to them suddenly and at a young age. The story of the Beach Boys has been told from many angles and by many different people. All seem to agree that Murry Wilson was an unrepentant tyrant, Dennis was a split personality with demons, Carl was a good soul who got caught in addictions and Al is, well Al.

Brian Wilson's troubles are well documented and often told with the man on a pedestal. A musical genius who became brain damaged through drug addiction and pressure to produce masterpieces. Brian's story often puts his cousin, Mike Love, in the role of tormenter and adversary.

It's time Mike Love has told his side of the story and he has with his new book. Love writes about how he was manipulated and cheated out of lyric credits by Murry and Brian and is rather convincing with his side of events.

There are some fascinating stories about Dennis and his situation with the Manson family. His relationship with the Bush/Reagan families does not go into politics but into genuine concern about the planet.

Sure he comes across as a bit of an ego maniac, but he is rather honest about his flaws and I thought less of him as a villain and more of him as a bit of a ass who got screwed by his Uncle. Love and James S. Hirsch have assembled an entertaining and informative read about one of rock music's most misunderstood and controversial members.

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