Sunday, October 8, 2017

jumping though hoops, throwing out stuff

My wife is out of the country this week visiting family. So I've been doing stuff out of the house to keep from being here feeling sorry for myself.

I've gone out to see a local band play, a party, and to see the Columbus Symphony perform the soundtrack to Star Wars with the film. That was such an amazing movie experience. If you ever have a chance to see the film like that, do it. The whole film dominates you and the sound is incredible. Great stuff.

We are also in the process of getting pre-approval for a mortgage, which has been a lot more frustrating than it should be. I'm ready to fling things at brokers and say screw you, I'm paying cash. They ask us to do stuff, we do them, then they ask for more and more.

All this means this house will be for sale, maybe not when we buy a new house, which has been the main problem, but soon after. Been in the basement this weekend throwing things out. A lot of old, poorly stored tapes that are useless as there is nothing here to play them on. Into the trash. Old, poorly written writing. Into the trash.

So long juvenilia.


s_baghaii said...

If you throw stuff through hoops, instead of jumping through them, you can pretend that this is all training for your future career in professional basketball.

Someone Said said...

I'll try throwing a box of tapes into the receptacle at three point range next.