Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drink me

A few months back, my gal and I went to Trader Joe's north of Cincinnati, a foodie's paradise, to check it out. It's a massive place, filled with food and drink from all over the world. I was especially interested in the beverages. Like Letterman, I enjoy a good beverage. We stocked up on IRN-BRU, which is more popular that Coke in Scotland. We also bought Thum Up, which is a form of Coke in India. It tasted like mud.

There was also Vimto, which she thought was a watered down orange/pineapple thing. However, after the Thum Up, it tasted like nectar of the Gods.

On Monday, we went up to Whole Foods to look around. They have beverages there too and I found a Kolsch, a beer from Cologne that I do not think I had ever tried. A very pleasant, snappy tasting lager.

It's Wednesday, right? All the time off, planned and unplanned has messed with my schedule. Could not even stay up late enough to watch the Blue Jackets lose last night. Hemsky beat them. That guy's good.

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