Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random things

1. My dream job would be voice over work for animation. Books on tape reader is acceptable.

2. I like French Champagne Want to bribe me. Bollinger is my house.

3. I am in the movie When Harry Met Sally. I'm in the crowd during the scene in which Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirky are doing the wave.

4. I shook Kurt Vonnegut's hand after a reading in Delaware, Ohio. I thanked him for changing my life. He said you're welcome.

5. I wanted to name my son after Vonnegut, but the alliteration was terrible.

6. I did not get a driver's license until I was 37.

7. When I was in Scotland, I are Haggis. It tastes like a White Castle.

8. I have a collection of three, plaster, RCA Nipper dogs.

9. It would be cool if I can get a chapbook done this year.

10. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's usually under control unless I'm under more stress than usual. I'm a checker, not a cleaner.

11. I finally stopped getting a daily newspaper delivered two years ago after years of getting one.

12. I like the water but I do not like being in it because I cannot see without my glasses. Somewhere in the Atlantic is a pair of my glasses.

13. Deep in a vault, highly booby trapped, is a tape of me singing rock and roll. I'm not sure if anyone else in the band has a tape of that. Hope not.

14. There has not been a moment in my life that I cannot remember being unable to read.

15. I skipped second grade in elementary school Big mistake.

16. The best Christmas gift ever was the painting Emma had Stephanie create. A Dewey Decimal System biography.

17. My favorite scene in any film is when George stumbles into the ad agency in A Hard Days Night. His sarcasm and comedic chops are wonderful.

18. I never went to Yankee Stadium.

19. My favorite wines are rieslings from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. My preferred vineyard is the Sonnenhur in Wehlen.

20. I really, really dislike waiting in line to pay to get into a bar.

21. There is only one good beer in the world. Pilsner Urquell. Everything else you drink when it's not available.

22. I regret not going to a Peter Gabriel show at the Palladium in 1982, and not seeing Queen.

23. If I could have a sensible car I'd like an Audi A6.

24. I'd like to have seven pairs of Converse. Yes, one for each day of the week.

25. I think the next big trip is to San Francisco.

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