Saturday, January 19, 2013

And good for Bourbon too

I appreciate a good glass with my beverages. Of course, there are times when I'll drink out of anything but when you have a decent drink of something it's pleasing to be drinking it out of a proper glass.

I've had fine wines out of hand blown Riedel crystal glasses and have noted the differences, especially in the aromas. Does a $75 glass make a $100 wine taste better? Not really, but there are flavors and smells that are brighter.

Having a wine glass with a stem is important. Spending money on wine when dining out and getting it in something that resembles a bathroom tumbler is bad form. Sure, I get that a place wants to save money on breakage, but really? I've ranted about this before.

There's a really good newer place downtown called Manifesto Tuscan & Scotch Bar. The food is decent, the ambience interesting and the whisky selection is excellent. I get my whiskies neat, no ice and they serve it in a very appropriate glass called a Glencairn Glass. A few nights ago I ordered a nice Auchentoshan. To open it up a little bit I poured a little bit into it from my water glass. No big deal, I do this all the time. Within seconds there was a manager at table side, with a small water pitcher specifically designed to add water to a whiskey glass I was stunned at the level of detail and service provided. This was done at the Bow Bar in Edinburgh and a few other places in Scotland, but I've never seen it happen here.

Been trying to find one in the city. World Market failed on several occasions, it was ridiculously expensive at Williams/Sonoma. Ok, it was a Riedel and I was not going to spend that much! Finally found one at Crate & Barrel and it passed the test earlier tonight.

It's a good fit in my life, my new whiskey receptacle friend.

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