Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's talk about Jesse

Had a meeting in the Main Library today. After, I checked out some of the special collections exhibits.

Where else but at The Ohio State University would you find the couch that was in Woody Hayes' office behind ropes?

There also a very cool exhibit that honors Jesse Owens in the 100th anniversary of his birth. He went to the university. Never received a scholarship because of the color of his skin. Imagine that.

There's a neat display of memorabilia of his from the 1936 Olympics, in which he received a photograph from Hitler, but nothing from President Roosevelt.

It's not everyday you get to see four Olympic Gold Medals in the same place.

On May 25th 1935 at a Big Ten Track Meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Owens did what may have been the greatest sports feat of all time. He tied the world record in the 100 yard dash, set world records in the long jump, 220 yard sprint and 220 yard low hurdles - all in a time span of 45 minutes.

That's one of the shoes he wore, bronzed, in the case. Owens still holds the school record in the long jump.

Easily one of the greatest athletes that ever was.

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