Sunday, January 6, 2013

Touts est Eh?

The NHL lockout appears to be over. After over 100 days and the cancellation of the Winter Classic and the All Star Game, which would have been in Columbus - owners and players have finally figured out how to share revenue and their toys, for another few years at least.

Have to admit I have not missed the game. There are plenty of other things to do than sit around and invest my time in watching an increasingly public (and casino revenue) funded sports franchise charge ridiculous money for tickets and even more for a 16oz cup of soda.

Here in Columbus, the Blue Jackets are an often maligned excuse for a professional sports franchise, with only one losing playoff effort in 12 years of existence. It's hard to support a perennial losing team. It's hard to support a team that was forced to trade away it's one marketable player in Rick Nash.

Caring became hard during the lockout. At one point, I could not name the coach of the team and had to look it up. Hi Todd Richards. The franchise is once again attempting another rebuild with a new coach, a new manager of operations in the respected, but not as successful on the ice as you think, John Davidson.

On paper, the roster as it stands have no proven goal scorers, a potentially solid defense and highly questionable goaltending. Still not a playoff team.

Not sure what it's going to take to get me to Nationwide Arena this season. I'm sure the organization interns will begin calling me as soon as a 48-50 game schedule is announced, and attempt to sell me a package of games. I might be locking them out for the next 100 days or so myself, and see where they are in the standings when this sprint of a season nears its end.

As of right now, they're tied for first.


Gregg Prince said...

...and last.

Someone Said said...

That was my shot at optimism.

Have you forgiven Ryan Miller yet?