Monday, July 1, 2013

Circles, my head is going 'round in circles

The weather here has been spotty the last few days. Nice and sunny quickly leads to pouring rain. Caught a break in the weather and went to Columbus Commons this morning to see if my son would be interested in riding on the carousel.

I'm not sure if he's even been on one before, maybe on a school field trip to the zoo or something his mother never told me about when they went to Disney last year. He loves being spun and I would think the overall motion might be something he likes.

So I got the token for a buck and the attendant let us on. He seemed apprehensive but I brought him on and he rode on a frog. Me, I got dizzy, which is something I do when I bend down to pick something up.

He seemed a bit scared and nervous, but once the ride got going he seemed to tolerate it. When the ride stopped we got off and he walked around the carousel area. I followed, wondering if he'd go to the entrance which would mean he wanted to ride it again. He went here instead.

He took off, looking back once in awhile to see if I was there. He circled the commons then we went back to the car with no real problem.

There was a lollipop waiting for him.

Been here on blogger regularly for over four years. This was post number 1,000. Never set out to be specific here. This blog is admittingly all over the place, from poetry, to autism to travel, sports, music, film, rants and other types of mayhem. Thank you all for reading, lurking and commenting. Especially you.

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