Saturday, June 29, 2013

Plans and ambition

I live in a city, yet am on the west side of downtown and rarely go there. My blood pressure is stupidly high and needs to drop, along with about thirty pounds. So I decided to run a few errands and include a downtown walk as part of an early Saturday afternoon.

Did you know that Columbus has on the downtown riverfront, a full size replica of the Santa Maria? Now you do. It was built for the ill-fated Ameriflora exhibit in 1992 and has been docked down there ever since. If I recall right, the ship is rotated every year to keep the deterioration even. It's not the money maker the titans thought it would be, but neither was Ameriflora.

Naturally, our City Hall has a statue of one of the most renowned creators of genocide in history. We also have a statue of Arnold Schwartzenegger just on the other side of the river from City Hall. Next walk I'll get a pic of that.

I've lived here 22 years and swear I've never noticed that sign until today, despite having been by it hundreds, if not thousands of times. Maybe it was the angle?

Setting up in Columbus Commons for Picnic with the Pops tonight. There will be fireworks. I have thoughts about that stage.

This is another stage I have thoughts about, and it may be more realistic than the one at Columbus Commons, or not.

Good little walk I hope to repeat often. The route can be altered to form a decent circle with the Scioto Mile as a starting and finishing point.


Anonymous said...

I guess you'll be baaaack for another walk downtown.

(hey, it's the best I can do right now).

What's the population of Columbus?

- nammu

Someone Said said...

Yes, I have to get on that again soon. Maybe this weekend.

We're about 800,000 here.