Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here's your shovel, there's the ground

My third, and probably final, concert this year was the band Frightened Rabbit. I've wanted to see these guys for about five years. The Midnight Organ Fight really helped get me through the crazy time of 2008. They've passed through Columbus a few times, but my own scheduling made it impossible to attend. This time, my lovely wife took care of my son and gave my the opportunity.

It had been six years since I've seen a show at the Newport (Lez Zeppelin) and it felt good to be back as it's one of the better venues in town. The band did a decent mix of material from their last three albums and it felt good to shout, howl and otherwise have a good time for a night. They had me when they did The Modern Leper with their second song and I could have gone home immediately after, when Nothing Like You was performed. But there was more to come. It was a good audience, and we had no problem staking out a spot on the floor for the evening.

Had a beer too many, but already took the next day off in advance, so that was good planning on my part. I'm not sure about the future ambitions of the band, where do they go from here? They're not ready for headlining an arena, but in the confines of a medium sized theater, Frightened Rabbit were successful in swinging for the fences.

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