Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The great, magnetic device

My son still goes to the Feeding Clinic once a week. He's usually the only one in the waiting area first thing in the morning. Not today though. There is another patient, a seven year old boy. Not sure of his condition, but his mother told me that he has had a lot of operations.

When I took out my iPod to check my email he was next to me like moth to a flame.

"So this is his favorite thing, too?" I said to his mother. He has a tablet at home.

He wanted to play with my son, but that's not how my kid rolls.

He kept looking at my iPod, and tapped me on the knee. My son pretty much avoided him, but at one point, when the boy was sitting next to me my son touched his eyebrows.

No one was bothered, or upset. We all get it. Nothing like special needs child boundary bursting to start the day.

My son is at his highest weight, ever, so there is small progress too.

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