Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Listicle: Five foods my son will eat

1) Hormel Compleats Macaroni and Cheese

For years it seemed my son was the only kid on the planet who did not like macaroni and cheese. "Every kid loves macaroni and cheese." We heard this from doctors, therapists and specialists. They did not know my kid. Finally, we started him with ten percent in his food and built it up. He tolerated it or did not notice until we went fifty percent with it and found out that he went to eat it first. It's become a go to food that we use as a base for new foods to introduce to him.

2) Sweet Peas

It really has not been much of a chore to get my son to eat his peas. They seem to be his favorite vegetable. He loves them so much we've been using a fork (in my case, a muddler) to gently crush the peas instead of blending them down. He chows down on them like they were guacamole and there has been little to no resistance of him eating them. Again, like the macaroni and cheese, we're using peas as a base to introduce new foods.

3) Apricots

Finding my son a fruit to enjoy has been difficult. Bananas are right out. He has revolted quite strongly against them. He's ok with pears, but he does not seem to really want them around, same thing with applesauce - he will eat them, but you have to really prompt him to get him to do so. For some reason he seems to like apricots the most. It's tough to blend them. Too much and they turn into soup, too little and you get pieces of them in his dish with he does not like. So apricots it is. This weekend we introduced peaches, in with the apricots and he was cool with it.

4) Yoplait Thick and Creamy Vanilla Yogurt

My son is not concerned with brand names, but he noticed the labels on his yogurt. You can't sneak banana/strawberry past him, he will notice and reject it outright. Once in a while we can sneak a peach past him, but this is rare. He knows the Yoplait label, and can either recognize the vanilla image or perhaps the word vanilla itself. We can get him to eat other brands of vanilla yogurt and have had success with the Trader Joe brand. But they're far away, and Yoplait is easier to find, unless you go to the Brewery District Kroger, who can't keep a lot of items in stock.

5) Pudding

My son digs pudding, and has for some time. We tried sneaking new food in with his pudding, but that was a (banana) disaster. He'll eat a lot of different brands, and has his preferred flavors. He does not like tapioca, probably because of the texture and will not eat lemon, which is ok. But butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate fudge and more - he's all over them. I do not buy Jello anymore after them went from six packs to four packs and jacked up the price so Swiss Miss it is, and he always goes for the chocolate/vanilla swirl.

There's been good progress since he started at the feeding clinic in July. He's put on some weight as well and now weighs more than he ever has. There's still a long way to go, especially in regards to chewing food but to no longer buy baby food when your kid is eleven years old is, I have to say, a relief. Now, about those diapers.

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