Thursday, November 21, 2013

Returning to old form

Next week the woman who hired me is retiring after 48 years with the library. Yesterday was the official University celebration of her service. Along with a few others, I was asked if I wanted to say something during the event. I happily accepted the invitation.

The 11th floor of the library was reserved for the event, which is a rather impressive space. A lot of people showed up, which showed the level of respect her colleagues have for her. I was scheduled next to last to speak. One gentleman spoke that after he was hired 24 years ago he found out he only got the job because someone turned it down. The same happened to me!

I babbled for a few moments then pulled out the poem I wrote for the occasion. She loved it. The crowd loved it. Sometimes when you read, and it's going well, you can feel as well as hear the room's reaction - this was one of those moments.

It was an honor to be a part of her celebration. Her experience and knowledge is unparalleled. Her patience and kindness will be greatly missed.

At Writers' Block last night I read a poem I have not read for awhile. A poem with some good energy and, as another newer poet to the night who had not heard the poem before put it, had some "rage."

"I love it when you have rage," He said. "It's righteous."

Been wondering what happened to the poet who wrote that poem four years ago, where he's been, and what I have to do to bring him back.

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