Friday, November 29, 2013

Post holiday trip to the vault

An old one I wrote in City Center. From December of 1999.

A Shopper's Paradise

Thin girls in City Center
skinny, bony limbs
shoved into flared jeans
that were hideous two decades ago

Mothers carrying chic bags
with trendy business names
on the sides
Clothing, gadgets
Toys for boys, girls

Presents for husband, wife
spouse, mistress, nieces, nephews
An undetermined nature
of a personal relation

Happiness through credit
Pulling plastic like blind ones
We overdraw, overdraft
Bouncing many debtors

We can no longer shop in a quiet
gospel of commerce
aided by loud aggressive sentiment
Attention shoppers

Lights and loudness
Crowds and cynical cheer
in the lines are those fighting
for the one, remaining

Merriment in the mall
Piped in goodness
Calling, begging
Please purchase a plenty
or you'll no longer be

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