Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Putting it together

I do not like talking on the telephone, it's a phobia, an act I try to get done with as quick as possible or avoid it whenever necessary.

Today though, I had to use it to make 22 calls. This was the day to contact all of the poets who will be reading at the Columbus Arts Festival this year. As Chairman of the Word is Arts Committee, these are phone calls I will happily make.

Left a lot of messages, but liked delivering the happy news.

Then I got to see a bunch of poets post they got the news on Facebook. The joy spreads.

I spoke to the winning poet, who is honored to have earned the slot. This year, for the first time, the winning poet will be reading a poem on the Bicentennial Stage on Friday night. The poet is excited about this. I am thrilled that this is going to happen.

In addition to all the individual sets and the slam on Saturday, there will be plenty of exciting work read on Friday and Sunday. The weekend will inspire and impress.

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