Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vision follow up

A couple of weeks ago, I went in for an eye exam. It had been three years since my last exam and I knew a new prescription was needed. Here is the post about it.

On Thursday, I got the glasses from the OSU Optometry Clinic. I like them. I see a bit better, but there's still something not right. The best prescription I ever had was in the late eighties in Fredonia. The difference then was amazing, I could see the small price numbers on the shelves in front of the liquor store from the cash register. No optician has come close since.

They're very light and the high index lenses really make the lens much thinner. I'm a -8 to a -9. The technology continues to improve.

Today I received my sunglasses from

I admit to being a bit confused when I opened the case and saw clear lenses. It took a few minutes to remember I ordered polychromatic lenses, which darken when exposed to UV light. When I took them outside during a short window of winter time sun in Ohio and the lenses darkened I was thrilled. The prescription is filled well, the frames seem sturdy and look good.

This might be a game changer. The glasses from the optometry clinic were $225. Granted the lenses are high index, and I like those, but this was also after insurance kicked in its share.

What came from cost $60. Granted the lenses are polycarbonate and they are a bit thicker, in part because the frames are wider but get this - if I wanted transition lenses from the optometry clinic it would have run me $61 extra.

The price difference is quite profound, and with the cost of frames going higher and higher it makes financial sense to purchase through a reputable company. I have friends who buy through with no complaints. I would have purchased from Warby Parker but they cannot fill my prescription. If you're going to buy your glasses online, have a current prescription and your pupillary distance, and good luck! I just looked at the site, shopping for another pair.

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