Thursday, June 19, 2014

A new day, a new demographic.

A couple of weeks ago I received an application to join the AARP. I threw the letter out.

Today I attended the retirement party for a colleague who was moving on after thirty years. On the elevator up we were asked by another retired colleague when we were retiring. My former supervisor and I both laughed nervously. Times have changed.

I've entered my fifth decade of life on this planet and am trying hard not to focus on the bad stuff that is happening to and around me. Would have liked my Mom to witness her youngest son his this number, but that's not to be.

I have no bucket list because, like relegation, which I understand all too well,  it would only lead to disappointment.

My colleague was honored with some very wonderful speeches. One of which moved me nearly to tears, to have a boss that would inspire such a meaningful speech! Another used pictures to hilarious and poignant effect.

I've only been in the system for fourteen years, I have a way to go before I sleep, if it even happens.

It was announced that Gerry Goffin, one of the finest lyricists ever, died today at the age of 75. Here's one of the great songs he wrote with Carole King. You can watch it HERE.

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