Thursday, June 12, 2014

A pair of twos comes to an end

Today was my last meeting of the Staff Advisory Council at my workplace. I'd been a member of the council for two years and my term was over. It's over.

Today I resigned my position as chair of the Word is Art Stage of the Columbus Arts Festival. The fun was gone and the legwork wore me out. It was a marvelous two year run and great success was achieved. I feel I helped set a standard for excellence in programming events for the stage and believe that it can get much better. I am leaving on an ascent.

I wandered the stacks after the meeting, looked up where the books by the new Poet Laureate were and went to their location on the 10th floor. Sat at a table looking west campus and Ohio Stadium, skimmed through the book. Found a title that inspired me to write about something I have not really written about.


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