Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good day to be a Columbus Poet

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the newsletter Front Row Center, a publication of the Greater Columbus Arts Council about Columbus poetry. I spoke to the writer for a good half an hour, gave some honest thoughts about the scene and suggested she speak to a few other people (which she was already going to do) on the scene to get a broad view.

The finished article went online yesterday and I really think Tracy Zollinger Turner has come the closest to putting in writing what the entire Columbus poetry scene is all about. Read for yourself.

Early last month I was not feeling very confident in my writing and my wife sent me a link to a local submission. So I sent them a poem.

Never heard back, which I have to admit bothered me. I'd rather take the rejection, a thanks but no thanks than not hear anything back.

Went to eat in the Short North yesterday afternoon and saw a stack of the new issue of the publication in the doorway. I did pick one up and turned to the section where the poetry goes.

And I got in. Was never told I was in, but there it is, my poem From the Streets of the Under Served in 614 Columbus September issue. It's all over the Short North and other locations in Columbus. This is probably the biggest exposure to any of my work and I could not be happier!

A book about the Shakespeare and Autism program my son was in will be published in December. The cover art was released today, it's the worst cover ever because my son is not on it. See for yourself, then preorder the book if you'd like.

A video about the program which has the actors discussing how it affected them was released today. You can see that, right here

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