Friday, September 12, 2014

One American's take on the Scottish Referendum

On September 18th the people of Scotland will be voting for whether or not they want to be an independent nation. After an early lead by the No campaign that has dropped with Dukakis like speed, in recent weeks the polling results have become too close to call.

I have no say in the results at all but have immediate family, friends and acquaintances who will all be directly affected by the outcome. So I’ve been trying to follow along. What has impressed me most is how votes will be cast under peaceful conditions. There have been no tanks in the streets, no violent protests, no voter intimidation but a lot of simply talking about it.

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a live debate on STV that had members of each faction reasonably and with great conviction stating their cause. There was no shouting, no sound bark talking points or name calling, but an actual debate happening. This is something you rarely see in this country anymore. It was so refreshing to see something of great importance being given the respect it deserves by everyone involved. I'm reading that voter registration is at a record high and a massive turnout is expected.

Both sides have their points. Many of my friends and acquaintances online are talking about and linking to articles stating their positions quite clearly and rationally and I thank them all for this. From here I wonder what happens to my wife’s citizenship and passport if there is a yes vote, not to mention many other legal and financial concerns.

Come Thursday night though, after the smoke has cleared and there is a result, I hope they all keep their passion going for their nation and not merely be better together.

Be better, because they’re on the right path.

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