Friday, July 10, 2015

Do my crying and my sighing laugh at yesterday

In preparation for potential changes in our living situation, my Wife has been doing a massive amount of work on the house and is to be highly commended for it. Me? I get stressed when things are moved around and cans of paint are opened. A brush in my hand is a bad idea. She painted the walls of my son's room and we tore up the nasty rugs that were in there for God knows how long.

We looked at some remnants so he can have something in there besides an ugly old blue painted floor and she'll measure for the size the room needs. We'll put a small rug in there soon.

Hard to tell his reaction to the change but it has not been horrible. His keyboard is off the floor and he's been playing with it. When I say playing I mean he puts one of the auto-rhythms on and moved back and forth to it in an A-shape.

Earlier, we danced for awhile. Really. At first I grabbed his hands and we moved back and forth, then he grabbed my wrists. When the song ended he held on to one of my arms with one hand and replayed the song with the other.

He wanted me to dance with him.

When he played another song, he started jumping up and down and I joined him in doing some light pogoing. I did not want to jump high as I know the floor leaks since the top of the refrigerator got wet when my Wife mopped the floor.

So we moved around the room, and I hung up a couple of mini hockey sticks on his wall along with his school pennant. He watched me close as I had a mini Blue Jackets pennant and was looking for a place to put it.

He helped put it up.

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