Friday, July 3, 2015

The weird area of social media

Yesterday I received a friend request from a person with whom I had one mutual friend. Did a little vetting on the person's page and added back. You never know what to expect when a complete stranger adds you, with no obvious reason for them to do so. It is on me that I added this person with little hesitation.

The next thing I knew I got a like on a link I posted over a week ago. I guess that's what we do when we add someone, go back a bit in their timeline to see who they are. To get a small picture of what they do. This is understandable.

Right after that the person's cover photo was changed into one of my vacation pictures. There was no thank you, no introduction, no credit given for the picture. But this person got a couple of likes, so that makes it ok, right? The person had to go into my photo albums then dig through a couple of recent ones to find that picture.

It's not like the picture is a work of art, it's not. It's not a picture worthy of monetizing, ever. I have no intention of attempting to copyright the photo. It's a Bukowski quote that is painted on the wall of a bar in Glasgow.

I recommend Chinaski's they have a great selection of bourbon, and a sweet patio in the back which is where that picture was taken.

In the past I've posted a few pictures on this blog with no credit, which is wrong and I try not to do that anymore. It does bug me that a complete stranger adds me on Facebook then takes one of my pictures with no hello or credit. If I say something directly does it make me a bad person?


s_baghaii said...
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s_baghaii said...

Before seeing the photo, this is what I thought:

If this person was taking a lot of stuff from a lot of people and pretending to be other people or taking credit for professional photography that is not their own, I would probably drag and drop some of their photos in and find the true sources and inform some of those people about what is going on and/or publicly shame the photo stealer.

After seeing it, I would assume that something like that is a meme because there are so many Facebook memes where people edit photos and put words on them. But in your photo, this is graffiti with those words on the wall, right?

Someone Said said...

The picture was taken from a specific album on my FB page. Something that would have had to have been clicked on. It was not a random posting in my timeline. It also listed the specific location of the photo, not a meme.

In any case, unfriended.