Friday, July 24, 2015

Look at the signposts.

A few months back I was asked to take part in a local art project called Sign Your Art. This project spans over a good part of Columbus on sign posts with tiles done by 64 local artists from all mediums along with members of the community. A lot of people made their own tiles at the Columbus Arts Festival.

My idea took shape quickly, forming the art took a bit of printing/shaping ability that my skilled Wife completed. The words are all mine.

The tile my work is on can be see at a signpost in front of 601 Chase Ave., on the north side of the city.

Here's a link to where all of the work is located. Columbus Makes Art, and the 64 artists who participated. Sign Your Art.

Congratulations to Stephanie Rond and Catherine Bell Smith, who did the hard work with this incredible installation.

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