Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Like Father, Like Son, Think About It

My Son will not eat solid food, but he will bite his nails. I guess this is a genetic trait. He may like high school more than I did, but he is not saying.

News may be breaking about tax returns and who controls wikileaks, but the wrong people are doing the shouting and getting heard. Who gave roger stone and his bowler valuable air time?

What news has diminished to. Sadly, the entertainment draws numbers, which draws corporate ads, which fuels the pump.

Liar. Scream. Repeat.

After many months I did get my official Equity Punk Card from Brewdog, making me an official something. And I renewed my AAA membership so maybe there is hope in me that we have another year left. Possibly until the end of April, 2018, when my membership expires. After then, all bets off the table?

We're having a wild year for all the wrong reasons, although there is a trip to Vegas actually booked and paid up.

What are we going to be flying into?

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